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Superintendent's Award | November 2011 Ceremony

Today, Dr. Gottardy recognized 44 staff members, students and community members for their devotion, ingenuity and initiative for NEISD.


Jill Raver

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyJill is a first year Assistant Principal at Camelot. The data processor at her campus became ill and has been out since before school even started. Jill went well beyond her job duties -- which she was still learning -- to learn the duties of the data processor and perform them as well as her own job until they could find a long term sub. Jill’s attitude was ‘show me what needs to be done and I will get it done no matter what it takes’. She has shown great leadership qualities and is a wonderful asset to this district.

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyAmy Stengel

Amy volunteers her time to direct Castle Hills’ annual school production. This year, Amy worked with more than 100 students in kindergarten through fifth grade--directing them in “The Big Bad Musical.” Through her guidance and expertise, the show was a huge success.



Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonySuzanne Horan

Recently, the students in Suzanne’s class conducted a silent museum of the famous people they had researched. Not only did Suzanne include the academic learning as part of the project, she also incorporated social development in all the students. Students found strengths within themselves and made a personal connection to the contributions of their famous person. Suzanne’s students often rise to meet the expectation of her classroom motto: “be kind and loving.” In fact, a former student keeps the class motto mounted to her ceiling above her bed. This is a true indicator that Suzanne’s teaching reaches beyond the academic scope and follows the students throughout life.

Mark Sanchez

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyMark, the top Watch D.O.G.S coordinator at Coker, implemented the Watch D.O.G.S. program at the school. He has extended dozens of personal invitations to fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other father figures to get involved by volunteering just one day. His organizational skills and ability to coordinate and schedule volunteers has been a huge asset over the past several years. The success of this kick-off pizza night was a result of the effort Mark put forth in seeking donations to make the event possible. Coker elementary had nearly 100 additional dads join the program for the 2011-2012 school year.

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyAlisa Strandmo

Alisa has spent many hours organizing and creating science lessons that utilize Coker’s outdoor pond classroom. Not only has she developed a curriculum for pond lessons, she has recruited parents who continued to teach small group lessons over the past several years. Alisa also did an amazing job as the Coker 2010-2011 PTA President. She has worked hard to make sure grade levels have the science materials they need.


Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyDot Kendrick

Dot has distinguished herself through more than 15 years of exceptional service to North East ISD through her dedicated professional support of five District Capital Improvement bond programs (1995, 1998, 2003, 2007 and QSCB) and the Engineering Department campus support program. She is a leader, mentor, and inspiration to the contract admin support staff, as well as the entire Construction Management and Engineering Department. For the $498-million 2007 Bond Program, Dot devised a method of tracking expenditures and commitments for each of the 32 major line items comprising the Bond. She trained contract administrative staff on the use and functionality of these tools, to ensure that each financial and/or contractual transaction was accurately recorded. Senior management team and individual project managers are now able to obtain accurate, up-to-the-minute financial status information for each project by simply accessing a share-drive with individual contract folders set-up specifically for this purpose.

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyChristopher Guerra and Bobby Guerra

Christopher and Bobby are dedicated volunteers who continuously make a difference at Dellview. They always have a positive “I Can” and “I Will” attitude. They have big hearts and are always willing to help in any capacity. On October 10, they made potato salad and barbeque for the entire staff. Grandpa (Mr. Guerra) is now Dellview’s Top Chef. He has also made fresh “ceviche” and homemade “floutas” with guacamole and sour cream for the entire staff. These special treats are always a surprise and very appreciated.

Stephanie Honeycutt and Narciso Valdez

Stephanie and Narciso are extraordinary Dellview parents who have volunteered many hours and have served a variety of leadership roles. At the beginning of the year, they helped the school nurse with vision and hearing screenings and they helped organize all the classroom first aid kits. They were master gardeners in the summer by watering Dellview’s new grass. They continue to maintain the school grounds by helping the school’s science facilitator with Dellview’s herb garden. They also help with cafeteria duty and are energetic classroom helpers. Their dedication and commitment have made a difference at Dellview.

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremony

Brad Cavanaugh
Francisco Delgado
Rocio Diaz
Kathryn Goodlin
Gary Guerrero
Jose Nunez
Nerisa Perez
Sharon Reese
Rita Short
Marie Trompler
Jacqueline Walsh

These individuals sponsor East Terrell Hills’ after school clubs. They spend at least one hour a week, after-school to support the “whole child.” Clubs include Jammin Jumpers, Strings, Soccer, Running Club, Basketball, Robotics and a Cheer Club. East Terrell Hills has many students who participate in these clubs, a number that grows each year.

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremony

Gina Ayala

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyOn Thursday, September 28, during breakfast at Harmony Hills, a pre-k student was choking on a grape. Gina walked by the student and saw him in distress. She immediately ran to him and asked if he was ok. The child could not speak nor breathe, so Gina immediately started the Heimlich maneuver on the child. The child spit out the whole grape. Once he started crying, Gina knew he could breathe. She then carried the child and took him to the clinic. Harmony Hills is lucky that Gina was quick to respond to this student.

Kent Stevens

Years ago, Kent started a vegetable garden at Harmony Hills, and continues to tend to it. He uses the garden as a learning tool and reward system for all students. He has prepared and maintained this space on his own time, using his own resources. Not only is he an exceptional teacher and role model, but a great community member.

Claudia Cruz

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyClaudia has brought art instruction back to Jackson-Keller. Beginning early last year, Claudia was asked to teach art classes to students. Claudia embraced this position with enthusiasm that was quite contagious to her students. The techniques being used in this class are innovative. The staff of Jackson-Keller are thrilled to be able to offer this program for students and could not imagine a person better suited to this position.


Lori Lanese

Lori developed programs for parents and teachers. To help teachers at Jackson-Keller, Lori trained a group of 10 parents on how to work the copy machines around the school. She got color-coded plastic bins for each teacher with forms to fill out what they need for the week. Lori created a schedule of times where parents could come to school and work. The parents and teachers are building a partnership due to Lori’s long hours of implementing a handbook, guide, expectations and volunteer dos and don’ts. The parents are excited to feel so welcomed at Jackson-Keller.

Jana Martinez

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyJana is a dedicated parent at Jackson-Keller who has graciously volunteered to come to school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 a.m. to noon. She is currently working on her GED so she can continue a job in education. On the days she is not at Jackson-Keller, she is busy studying and earning her diploma. The teachers are very appreciative of her dedication to making copies and laminating materials for their student centers.

Lucia Minjarez

Lucia has been a teacher at Jackson-Keller for five years. This year, she found out that a fifth grade student who lives in a children’s home really wanted to be in the strings program, but the home could not afford to get an instrument. Lucia immediately went to work to make this important program available for the child. Within hours, not only was Lucia able to get an instrument donated from Nimitz, she was able to ensure that his child would have transportation after practice as well. This is just one example of how Lucia loves the Jackson-Keller children. In the past she has bought and washed clothes for many students and leads a “Girl Power” group to help raise young girls’ self-esteem.

Rafael Perez

On September 29, 2011 during a lunch period, Rafael was approached by a student who was choking on a cracker. The student was not able to breathe nor could he cough out the food. Rafael immediately performed the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the food. Because of his quick action, the student was uninjured and, after being checked out by the school nurse, was able to return to class.

Katie Stevens

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyKatie has gone beyond all expectations with the Student Involvement Committee at Lopez. She stays after school often to provide time for students to make spirit posters for all UIL activities. She can be found at every home football game monitoring students at the concession stand. She even works with the students each week to come up with a new “spirit theme.” Her energy and enthusiasm allows students the opportunity to see that school is about balancing learning and fun. If you visit Lopez, you will feel the school spirit Katie has worked so hard to fuel.

Tina Daniels and Diane Butterworth

Tina and Diane are the President and Vice President of the Olmos PTA, respectively. Through their leadership, the PTA supported the extension of a sidewalk in the front of the school by donating $2,000. In addition, these two women planted flowers, trees and laid sod to help beautify the school. In September, the PTA hosted a family movie night which was well attended by students and parents. Also, in September the PTA sponsored a “Bring Your Dad to School” Day. They had 147 fathers participate--about twice what they expected. These two are definitely a dynamic duo.

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremony

George Lockhart

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyGeorge is in his 11th year as a volunteer at Regency Place. He comes to the school every day from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to assist students with locating and checking out books in the library. His willingness to shelve books and maintain a presence in the library allows the circulation to continue uninterrupted throughout the day. He knows the children by name and is well loved by all. Two days each week he also assists a third grade class in mathematics. His love of math and his commitment to the next generation of students is most apparent. Each year on Veterans Day, he also takes time to share with the fifth graders his experience as a flight navigator during “Operation Chow Hound” that occurred at the end of WWII.

Lisa Alanis
Tanya Flores
Robert Foutz
Joe Herrera
S’Lena Hinojosa
Shane Land
Gilberto Lopez
Christine Masten
Justin Ortega
Kathy Schaub
Chris Williams
JD Williams

This team gathered together to resolve a student tardiness issue at Roosevelt, to provide an opportunity for all students to have more focused time in class with fewer disruptions from late-arriving students. They gave of their time during the summer to develop and organize the plan. They then instructed the faculty in how to implement the plan and coached everyone through the initial learning phase. These are the leaders for implementing change which benefits students and educators.

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremony

Karen Sheppard

Superintendent's Award, November 2011 ceremonyKaren is a full time volunteer at Wilshire. She is on campus almost every day. She works in the library to assist with shelving … checking out of materials … assisting children as they look for books … and anything the school’s half-time librarian needs her to do. Karen comes in with a huge smile every day, and she is making a difference on the campus. The children love her and so does the staff -- she is a part of the Wilshire family.