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Superintendent's Award | October 2011 Ceremony

Today, Dr. Gottardy recognized 100 staff members, students and community members for their devotion, ingenuity and initiative for NEISD.


Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyChad Belford

Chad wears many hats at the Academy of Creative Education, and one major hat includes that of Community Service Coordinator. Three of his most successful projects include:

(1.) The Leukemia/Lymphoma Society’s Pasta for Pennies fund-raiser that involved the entire school.
(2.) Chad secured the highway area directly in front of the ACE campus for San Antonio’s “Keep San Antonio Beautiful Adopt-A-Spot” program. Working side-by-side with ACE students, he continues to maintain the area on a monthly basis.
(3.) He coordinated a school-wide participation in the National Day of Service and Remembrance to commemorate 9/11. About 100 ACE students, faculty and staff at Habitat for Humanity, while others remained on campus and worked on other community service activities.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyDon Delgado

Don has been an instrumental part of the growth and success of the Mill Springs Cabin program at Bradley, since it began in 1998. Most people don’t know that the Cabin program does not receive any funding from the district. From the raising of the roof on the cabin in 1998 to the current ongoing expansion projects of the program, Don has always been the lead volunteer.


Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyJennifer Tisdel and Jim Wiener

Jennifer and Jim work for Papa John's Pizza. They reached out to their community on Monday, Sept. 6 to provide pizza for the evacuees that were sheltered at Bush due to the wildfire near Canyon Ridge.




Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyJose Navedo

Jose is a grandparent who began volunteering at Clear Spring last school year. He organized school supply closets, and then sought out other volunteer assignments. He then volunteered in the cafeteria a couple times per week during kindergarten lunch time. He is now in the cafeteria every day during lunch helping all students and staff. He shows up early to see if any supply closets need organizing. He also helps other volunteers in the copy room. The students and staff all know him and are happy to see him.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyWilbur Newman

Wilbur, a former Coker grandparent volunteer, continues his dedication to Coker as a community member volunteer. At a moment’s notice, he is willing to share his time and talents as a handy man, gardener, mentor, facilitator, teacher and more. “Grandpa Newman” has made a significant impact on the lives of Coker staff, parents, and students over the past 10 years.


Stacia FitzSimon, Steve Hudson, Sue Johnson and Sandra Nagel

These staff members from DATA went above and beyond to ensure one student had all opportunities to complete DATA, and successfully start her first year of college. When her family needed the assistance, these staff members personally arranged for a student to be picked and dropped off for her commute to DATA. After this student graduated, her father was transferred to Washington state, yet she was set to go to school in Waco. This same group of educators ensured her dorm room necessities and clothing were delivered. They were even there to greet her when she arrived back in Texas. They truly exhibit the North East family mentality.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 Ceremony

Minerva Garcia

Minerva checks everyday with her son’s teacher and El Dorardo’s Family Specialist to see how she can help. She assisted Mrs. Trejo in completing the big task of creating the 675 self-manager badges for students. She will stay all day to ensure the school projects are complete. She also helps with directing students to various activities.


Xochitl Garcia

Xochitl is a great asset to El Dorado. She never misses a day. She not only assists in making sure teachers have their materials for the week, but she helps bring this year’s theme to life. This year she is the school’s PTA treasurer and LPAC parent.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyJennifer Morales

From day one of this school year, Jennifer has made sure to check in at the front desk for any volunteering needs for the day at El Dorado. She is very dedicated to the teachers, ensuring they have all the necessary materials for each day. She helps with students transitioning to various areas during picture day, dental program, and vision/hearing screening.


Adela Trejo

Adela, another volunteer from El Dorado, also helps with transporting students to various areas of the school during special events and activities. She was a key parent volunteer to help make 675 self-manager badges for students.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyDuane Foote

Grandpa Foote volunteered the first week of school everyday at Encino Park. He arrived at 6:45 a.m. and worked a full day assisting students to classes, working in the cafeteria and helping with dismissal. He has slowed his past the past few weeks by working only three full days a week. Grandpa Foote is an asset to Encino Park.


Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyTim Beecher, Clay Condie, Jackson DeFreest and
David Smith

These young men are student leaders in the community and active in the Scouting Program. In an effort to reach Eagle Scout, they approached Harmony Hills and offered their services to complete a campus beautification and educational project. Tim designed, acquired resources, and built a Texas native garden and walking path on the island in the school’s front parking lot. He also labeled each plant so this garden can be used as an educational resource. Clay designed and built a school garden in an area accessible to all students. Jackson designed, acquired resources, and built an outdoor classroom consisting of benches and a teaching table which can accommodate an entire classroom. David designed, acquired resources, and built several planter boxes and benches.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyRolando Guerra

Rolando, head custodian at Hidden Forest Elementary, helps motivate others with his steadfast positive attitude as he ensures the campus is immaculate at all times. He worked long hours over the summer to make sure that every detail was taken care of in each teacher’s classroom.


Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyCharlie Perez

Charlie, Hidden Forest’s assistant head custodian, is known for his ‘fix anything’ talent. In fact, he has saved the school hundreds of dollars by recycling items once deemed to be broken. Charlie is a team player with students, teachers and all staff members, who goes that extra mile to make sure that the school is spotless and never hesitates to help when asked.


Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyShelly Galyon and Misty Rodriguez

Shelly and Misty have been instrumental in developing a Fuel Up to Play 60 team on the Jackson campus. Both teachers worked with the National Dairy Council, Dairy Max and the National Football League to host a Pep Rally event in September to celebrate National Childhood Obesity month. They have empowered the students on the Fuel Up to Play team to spread the word of eating healthy and being active for 60 minutes a day.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyMarcella Estrada

Marcella has exhibited excellent leadership qualities during the time of change at Jackson-Keller. She has embraced the “New Beginning” attitude by demonstrating her dedication to the reading profession. She conducted staff development sessions to expose the teachers to the district’s guidelines for reading. She serves as a strong leader at Jackson-Keller because of her “can do” attitude and ensuring that “EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY” is implemented throughout the day.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyAshlee Lara

Ashlee has been a first and second grade teacher at Jackson-Keller for several years. However, this year she was needed in third grade and she took the position with a positive and professional attitude. When the grade level chair is out, she will instantly volunteer to attend whatever meeting the chair was unable to attend. Ashlee keeps the grade level informed of upcoming events, and is all over the school, organizing, preparing, advising and helping both students and teachers as much as she possibly can.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyKatherine McDonaugh

Katherine organized a “Latino Family Night” at Jackson-Keller where members of the community read books to parents and children. Katherine incorporated reading strategies to help parents teach their children to read with comprehension. She also serves on the Leadership Team.


Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyArthur Reyes

Arthur is a dedicated grandparent who has helped with the school climate at Jackson-Keller. He is dedicated to the beautification of the school environment. A garden committee planted flowers and plants around the Jackson-Keller marquis. Arthur, along with his granddaughter Diamond, water the plants every night when the sun goes down. Several times during the week, Arthur also waters the garden throughout the day. He says that he takes pride in the school and enjoys spending his time making the grounds look beautiful for the students.

Katy Thomas

Katy initiated the PTA program at Jackson-Keller. She has supported the parents and guided them to build the PTA. In fact, the school reports that it has had one of the highest memberships in years due to her dedication to building a partnership between the parents and the school.

Adrian Viccellio

Back in May, Johnson seniors were informed that they had clothing expectations on the night of graduation. Unfortunately, a student still elected to wear orange shorts under his graduation gown. He was removed and seated for over an hour behind the stage prior to the procession. Calls to parents and relatives failed to bring forth a pair of pants. With about 10 minutes before the processional, a Adrian, teacher, was informed of the situation. He spoke to the student and traded the graduate his own pants for the orange shorts to enable him to participate and walk the stage to receive his diploma. The student was extremely thankful and walked the stage. Pants were exchanged back following the graduation.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyStarr van Keuren

Just one week prior to a Leader in Me training week for 18 schools, all of the materials arrived …. 196 boxes, each labeled “1 of 1”. There were no PO numbers listed, packing slips inside the boxes did not match the contents, and boxes and materials were damaged. Starr saved the day. She took it upon herself to open all the boxes, count all the materials, repack them in boxes and label them for each of the 18 schools. There were thousands of manuals and student books. She stayed late on multiple nights to get the work done.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyJulia Crabb

Julia was a key component to a successful Staff Development week at Nimitz. She worked three weeks prior to the teachers returning to help get the campus ready. She gathered supplies, labeled items, put out mail, made copies, filed documents, created table toppers and bulletin boards along with many other tasks. She would often take home additional projects and complete them on her own time to ensure that all was ready for when the teachers returned.

Rosalinda Cruz
Penne Jaster
Emily Mendoza
Mia Morris
Vanessa Smeberg
Roxanne Tijerina
Jim Young

Three days before a scheduled on-site school physical event, the doctor cancelled plans to visit Nimitz. School staff reached out to the community for assistance, and Faith Family Clinic answered the call. Word of the school’s need reached Faith Family Clinic Friday morning and they were on site by 2 p.m. that same day. Thanks to the generosity of Faith Family Clinic, a total of 39 students were able to receive a free sports physical. While on site, school staff learned that Faith Family Clinic had in fact closed the doors to its own clinic to make sure the Nimitz students were served.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyFrancisco Martinez

As a new staff member to Nimitz, Francisco has already made a huge difference on the campus. He has made sure that students have school uniforms … made connections with the community businesses to provide free vision exams and glasses … contacted the Elf Louise Christmas project to make sure that their families are taken care of -- increasing the family slots from 5 to 25 … contacted the Assistance League of San Antonio to make sure they have shoe vouchers for their students.
In addition to all of that above, Francisco came through in a clutch moment with bringing Faith Family Clinic to Nimitz for the student physicals.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyLeila Cubriel and Audrey Trevino

Leila and Audrey have implemented a Robotics Club at Northwood. The students stay every Friday after school to work on new skills. They are so excited about science and technology. This club began last year and, this year, the interest has soared. Thanks to the initiative of these two dedicated teachers, Northwood has excited students eager to learn more and more about robotics.

Cathy Murphy Brumlik
Jack Dodge
Susan Eichel
Dottie Flanagan
Pam Furth
Lisa Hastings
Adriana Rivera
Janet Shough
Richard Shough
Elizabeth Wayne
Amy Willis

Oak Grove is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. These individuals were are part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee. They planned and organized a grand celebration event on Oct. 4, as well as other smaller events for students throughout the year. They devoted countless hours of their time to making the celebration a success.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 Ceremony

Julie Copeland
Elizabeth Fleming
Suzanne Hogan
Rose Lewis
Bryan MacLaughlin
Angie McNeely
Kristina Richards
Arianna Storm
Tom Symons

The Redland Oaks Pre-K Playground was in need of some upgrading. These volunteers worked hard to make the play area more inviting and stimulating for the young learners. They stained the concrete of the play area with an adorable road design, complete with bright flowers and geometric designs. The volunteers then installed crushed granite and five large tire planters painted in primary colors for the children to use as mini-gardens. As a result of their dedication and hard work, the teachers have an area that will enhance their instruction and the children have a beautiful and inviting place in which to play.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyBrooke Lucero

Brooke’s wrote character education curriculum over the summer for the Redland Oaks’ new special area class entitled “A Better Me”. The students now love to come to this 25 minute class each week to learn about character development. Brooke also created and implemented the “Penny Challenge” to support the school’s fundraiser. She is also developing a new club at Redland Oaks called “The Raccoon Rights Club.” The club’s purpose is to help students lead their Spring ARD and set their own goals. Finally, Brooke developed and presented information during August in-service to help teachers better understand and utilize our Redirection Program at Redland Oaks.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyChristine Roberts

When Christine was in the cafeteria, a young student was severely choking on something he was eating. Christine remained calm and asked him if he could speak. In response, the student shook his head no and put his hands to his throat indicating that he could not breathe. Christine immediately performed the Heimlich maneuver on the young boy which resulted in a piece of fruit roll-up being dislodged from his windpipe. Immediately the boy gasped for breath and the crisis was over.

Elizabeth Brackman
Lisa Felan
Cristina Mendez
Juan Paniagua

With paintbrush in one hand, and paint bucket in the other, this group took the initiative to redo and re-decorate the faculty lounge at Stahl. They made it a nicer place to dine, to convene for meetings, and to just relax. Their vigor and ambition did not stop there. They popcorn words on the walls in hallways to create new opportunities to encourage young students to read and learn, even when they are waiting in line for a drink of water.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyKimberly Feher

Kimberly worked relentlessly on the STEM Cowboy Breakfast. The event was a great success, and the students spent a month preparing. They learned about team work, leadership, goal-setting, responsibility, citizenship, diversity, and life during the 1800’s. Kimberly received support from community members, parents, students and staff. Donations were provided in the forms of food, supplies, tents, artifacts, and time. The media even picked up on the event, resulting in the Cowboy Breakfast being highlighted on KMOL – “What’s Cool in School” series.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonySandra Geisbush

Sandra served as a coach for the eCybermission 8th grade STEM team. Only 16 teams of 59 students made it to Washington, D.C. for the national finals. Sandra devoted countless hours preparing the students for the competition. She had the students present at a district board meeting, recruited sponsors and headed up a fund raising event. Because of her service to the team, the students walked away from the competition with an honory award (created just for them by the U.S. Army).

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyElizabeth Nelson

Elizabeth took on the task of being the Nimitz Yearbook Sponsor for the 2010-2011 school year. She was not given a class period for this responsibility. She simply used her own time before and after school, during lunch, and weekends to work on the project. She met with students in the halls and in the mornings. She had representatives at all the extracurricular activities held both on and off campus. The end product was a great success with all the yearbooks being sold within the first week.

Ashley Carlson
Heather Elizondo
Belinda Grassham
Florencia Rios
Homer Uribe
Teresa Villalva
Kristina Walker
Pamela Wallace

This group of individuals helped Stone Oak accomplish its Health Related initiative of gathering necessary and required data on Stone Oak students. It was a massive task to measure 842 students in one day. They did not have to help with this tremendous task; however, they are such exceptional people they chose to do so.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyGary Martilla

Gary has contributed countless hours of volunteer time troubleshooting, working out technology kinks and ensuring that technology at Stone Oak is in top shape for all students.


Lee Robin

Lee donated, through his company Computer Nerds, two flat panel monitors to the Stone Oak front office.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 CeremonyEdwina Colvino

Edwina doesn’t even have a child at Tejeda, yet she joined the ranks of parent volunteer extraordinare by volunteering every day this past spring. She has continued a similar attendance rate this school year. She reports bright and early to her location, usually the Attendance office, where she takes great pleasure in helping during the busy morning rush.


Zak Mata, Ryan Shingler, Tim Shingler, and Tracy Shingler

This year, the bus drop off and pick up has been moved to the back parking lot at West Avenue. Tracy, a second grade teacher, overheard a concern about the students seeing the fences on the private property next to the school painted with graffiti. Tracy and her husband Tim purchased paint for a neighborhood project. With the elderly property owner’s permission, their son Ryan and his friend Zac volunteered their time and talents to paint the fence. Thanks to Ryan and Zac, visitors and students at West Avenue no longer have to look at the eye sore of graffiti as they enter the back parking lot.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 Ceremony

Stephen Garza
Michael Landez
Nancy Landez
Terri Landez
Jason Thibodeaux
Vivian Mota
Debora Rohan
Robert Yrias
Elidez Cruz
Carl Stolhandske
Gabriela Velazquez
Joshua Anderson
Jordan DeBruyn
Julian Escalante
Ron McCulloch

These teachers and their students participated in and tirelessly prepared for the Meet and Greet event hosted by the Board of Trustees to introduce NEISD’s new superintendent Dr. Brian Gottardy to the community on Thursday, September 15. They devoted their culinary, musical and floral design skills to make the evening special for the community.

Superintendent's Award | October 2011 Ceremony