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Superintendent's Award | January 2012 Ceremony

Today, Dr. Gottardy recognized 49 staff members, students and community members for their devotion, ingenuity and initiative for NEISD.


Letisia Quintana, Terry Villalobos and Luzmaria Alejandro

These three women volunteered their time to assist with the district’s annual Wellness Event. It is their dedication to the district and their generosity and self-sacrifice in the giving of their time that we celebrate and recognize their invaluable service. Their efforts helped make the event a success. They helped tirelessly all day with this event and we are truly thankful for their generous gift of time.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 Ceremony

Cleo Casias

Cleo, a retired NEISD teacher, has returned to tutor students at Coker. This last year she worked with several groups ranging from third, fourth and fifth grade at-risk ELL students in math and reading. Cleo’s tutoring has proven quite successful with the majority of her students passing their exams.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonySuzanne Horan

Suzanne, a teacher from Coker, was recognized today for her efforts at Bradley Middle School. She gives up her conference time to mentor a Bradley student who is one of her former students. His knowing of her vested interest in his success and weekly visits to Bradley has allowed him to re-connect and stay energized with his work.

Cindy Livingston

Cindy is a retired Coker teacher who has returned to tutor students in need. For the past several years, Cindy has met with teachers, gathered materials, and taught small groups during the school day. She looks at past data and is diligent about her time with the students. Her dedicated efforts have been invaluable to the students.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyJerry Purcell

Jerry has been a true blessing for Coker. He and his wife reached out to Coker Elementary three years ago. He has assisted Coker families in need during Thanksgiving by providing turkeys and groceries for them to celebrate the holiday. He and his wife help Coker’s Family Specialist deliver every turkey box to the families during Thanksgiving week. Jerry also located funds from his church to pay for the school nurse’s membership to the National Nurses Association which in turn provides Coker with vouchers for free eye exams and free glasses for our students in need. Jerry has made it possible to help and reach many of families in need.


Sonobello has opened up their hearts to Dellview for the past two years. Sonobello and its staff graciously adopted families for the holiday season by purchasing clothing, shoes, and toys for students and parents. They brought holiday cheer to the Dellview Community. Their compassion and dedication truly made a difference. Their support and their willingness to bring many smiles to our students, especially in times of need, is greatly appreciated.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 Ceremony


Valero started the “Coats for Kids” program in 2004. Through the “Coats for Kids” program, Valero provides jackets during the winter season to elementary and middle school students. Valero employees and family members graciously donate the jackets that are handed out to Colonial Hills, West Ave., Dellview and Wood MS. Dellview has been very fortunate to have received more than 60 jackets within the past 2 years. We appreciate and applaud Valero’s efforts in ensuring that NEISD students have a warm jacket during the winter season.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyGerald Metzger

Reverend Metzger, of the Bethany Congregational United Church of Christ, is an extraordinary volunteer that has greatly impacted Dellview. Reverend Metzger organized a school supply drive and a gift card drive within his congregation to support Dellview families. The supplies helped teachers and the gift cards helped families purchase shoes, clothing and jackets. Reverend Metzger currently serves as a mentor for Dellview. His congregation also adopted a family for the holidays.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyDan and Michelle Akin

Chick-Fil-A has supported Dellview for the past six years. Dan and Michelle believe in education and believe in making a difference. They annually provide 80 reusable water bottles for Dellview’s entire fifth grade class. The water bottles are used for the students’ John Knox overnight field trip. They also help Dellview organize a calendar fundraiser to help fifth grade end-of-the-year festivities. Dan and Michelle also bring the Chik-fil-A cow to school to motivate students to strive for success. They also provide Silent Auction baskets to help fundraiser efforts during the school’s Family Fun Night. They are true community leaders within the Dellview Community.

Desiree Alonzo
Priscilla Alvarado
Ezequiel Carillo
Mary Goldstein
Lavinia Hidalgo
Leonardo Lara
Ronnie Sanchez
Melinda Vargas

These Dellview parents gave up their valuable time and made the fifth grade field trip to John Knox Ranch a huge success. This field trip is an interactive outdoor learning experience where students hike, fish, bird watch, and conduct experiments. The field trip could not be possible without the parent chaperones that help monitor activities, spend the night with students and help make the camping experience a positive one.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyKathy Crane

Kathy, El Dorado’s librarian, stays busy well beyond her duties. She coordinates the student-led News Team every morning. She developed an application process and leads the Robotics program after school. She has even coached some fifth grade students to lead younger students in Jr. Great Books groups. She also is an active participant of the school’s Health & Wellness committee, promoting healthy habits for teachers and kids … which include wearing a hat with milk bottles hanging from it to advertise milk.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyCarmen Sepulveda

Carmen, a first-year Science Facilitator at El Dorado, has exhibited exceptional performance in this role. She utilized available space to create two science labs rich with materials, a small group space, and a supplies area. She is also the school’s Benchmark Coordinator, spending extra hours organizing and planning for student success. On Monday afternoons she co-leads the robotics group and on Tuesday afternoons she can be found tutoring students in reading.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyRebecca Rendon

Rebecca, Jackson’s school nurse, has literally been a life-saver for several students on the Jackson Campus. She always remains calm in emergency situations, taking the lead until EMT personnel arrives. There have been two separate occasions where students have gone into seizure episodes. Her quick thinking and calm demeanor ensures that the students receive the best medical care possible.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyZelvia Saucedo

Zelvia, the family specialist at Jackson, has an incredible knack for drawing community members to the campus. She has organized the Jackson Community Night for the past two years. She scheduled guest speakers to come to the campus and talk with families and staff members. Her speakers addressed such topics as bullying, drug awareness, and financial planning. All of these planned events were well attended due to her efforts.

Nancy Fields
Judy Mulnix
Maricela Polendo
Tracy Shamon

These reading and ESL teachers worked together to create a Saturday Academy for ESL students. Students rotated through six stations including iPAD fun, sight words, fluency, laptop, read aloud/think aloud, and personal dictionary. Lesson plans for these stations were developed based on areas of strengths and weaknesses on past benchmark and TAKS data.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyTracy Thomas

As a leader in aerospace, Tracy brings great innovation to Krueger. She created an engineering program with focus on rocketry and the aerospace industry. She continually sponsors and mentors students for the Student Launch Initiative, as well as Krueger’s Team America Rocket Challenge team. She has also sponsored Krueger’s Science Olympiad team since 2004.
And finally, she is a four-year volunteer as a rocket system teacher in Science Nights/Days at three NEISD elementary schools: Dellview, Heubner, and Longs Creek.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyLarry Rosenbaum

Larry has dedicated his time and effort in supporting the reading program at Larkspur through organizing, labeling, and sorting student readers in the bookroom. He has demonstrated a “can do” attitude, and supports the school’s educational program through his willingness to help in any way he can. The teachers at Larkspur greatly appreciate his kindness and generosity.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyMonica Ruiz-Mills

Monica is the head band director at Lee and a member of the school’s Behavior Committee. She has taken students that were assigned ISS and recruited them to the band’s color guard. All of these students’ grades have improved because Monica personally assists in their tutoring. As a result of this success, she is now searching for more ways to positively impact other students assigned to ISS. For example, she will introduce goal-setting techniques she teaches her band students.

Tony Castillo
Jim Gabbard
Liza Gomez
Francisco Martinez
Ed Mendez
Lauren Morales
Mills Rogers
Robin Sedwick
Melody Crabb

The Nimitz College Committee is a new committee created this year to help promote college readiness and awareness in the Nimitz community. The committee planned and promoted the school’s first College and Career Awareness Fair. More than 250 parents and students attended to learn how college is an affordable option and in their near future. The library was filled with local college representatives for parents and students to visit between presentations. Families were able to get something to eat, and win door prizes that included college spirit items, college shirts and a $100 Savings Bond for College. This amazing group created a positive experience for students and parents.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyElizabeth Leatherbury and Susanna Meriwether

Elizabeth and Susanna are two PTA parents for Northwood who have managed to work with the tightening of budgets to ensure that the arts program has not suffered. They plan, gather materials and secure parent volunteers for art lessons each month for every grade level. Students participate in fun art activities and learn about artists and art history. Susanna and Elizabeth are great examples of parents who care about educating our children in all areas.

Sherri McShane and Ninfa Salinas

Sherri and Ninfa are two examples of extraordinary staff members at Northwood who continually strive to help students. Recently they wrote a grant for Fuel Up to Play 60 and were awarded $4,000 to use on educating students about healthy choices. They held their first Fuel Up to Play 60 activity by inviting the community to participate in a healthy tailgate party that involved eating healthy snacks and fun activities for families. A local chef was also there to teach families how to make wise snack choices. Sherri and Ninfa already have more activities planned for the year.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 Ceremony

Patty Becker and Ruby Johnson

Northwood PTA parents Patty and Ruby planned the school’s Veterans Day celebration. From scheduling the Randolph AFB Color Guard, San Antonio Firefighters Bagpipes and a former student who is now a senior at Mac to perform …. to getting the news media to cover such a positive event …. they made the celebration one the students will not soon forget.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 Ceremony

Rebekah Chatterley and Maricela Martinez

Redland Oaks is in the second year of implementing the Leader In Me program. Last year the faculty was trained in Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and this year the students are being taught the habits. In an effort to gain a school-wide focus, Rebekah and Maricela painted a mural on a huge bulletin board in the hallway. The mural is absolutely stunning. It depicts fun characters around the words “WORK FIRST, THEN PLAY!” The children are absolutely enamored with the mural and take the hallway, even if it is out of their way, so they can enjoy looking at the characters and message.

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 Ceremony

Superintendent's Award | January 2012 CeremonyBrenda Shelton

Brenda serves as principal for Tejeda, and her daily efforts to keep children and families her primary focus was noticed by Wendy Irwin, one of her parents. Wendy appreciates the fact that Brenda greets each student and introduces herself. Recently, Brenda invited Wendy’s husband to speak during the school’s Veterans Day event. Wendy’s husband had brought back an American flag during his tour in Afghanistan as a gift to the school. Wendy sees Brenda as an event speaker … mentor … disciplinarian … nurturer … Parents can see Brenda cleaning up with student groups after football games … waiting with students for parent pick up after school or late night events … directing traffic in the rain … supporting staff … talking to students at lunch … answering the smallest of emails from parents … planning school/community events … walking the hallways throughout the day and more. The care and dedication you give to your families is both noticed and greatly appreciated.