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Stone Oak dancer skypes to her class from Ireland

Meredith Slimp and her medal

Meredith holds up her new medal.

Meredith Slimp, fifth grader at Stone Oak Elementary School, traveled to Belfast, Ireland to compete in the All Ireland Irish Dance Championships on October 27. She danced against 93 girls in the Under 10 age group in a very difficult competition and received a medal for her soft shoe slip jig. Often called "the ballet of Irish dance," the Slip Jig is one of the four most common Irish stepdances, the others being the reel, the jig and the hornpipe.

During her visit she skyped back to the school and also sent videos to share her experience with fellow Bobcats. Meredith will attend the Worlds Irish Dance Championships in London, England in April 2014 where she will compete with hundreds of girls her age from around the world! Congratulations and good luck at Worlds!

Meredith skyping

Meredith skypes to her fellow classmates as they ask questions about her great adventure.

Meredith in front of competition arena

Meredith stands in front of the arena hosting the dance competition in Ireland.

Posted on November 11, 2013