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Research abound at Stone Oak's Animal Cafe

Stone Oak's Animal Cafe

Steven Manley of Penne Koepke's class shows off his work.

The third graders at Stone Oak Elementary School just hosted their annual “Animal Café.” This is a science, reading, and technology project. After the students complete their studies about the desert and rainforest habitat they select an animal from either place to research in the library using books, websites, and online encyclopedias.

The third graders then take this information and create a technology presentation and an art piece. All of the art pieces in the form of an animal model or diorama are displayed on the cafeteria stage for a week so that parents, and students of all grade levels can tour the “Animal Museum.”

The parent visit is called the “Animal Café” because when the parents come they view the technology piece in the computer lab as the appetizer, have lunch with their child for the main dish, and tour the animal Museum for dessert. This is a special tradition that the students of Stone Oak look forward to every year.

Posted on April 21, 2014