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Stahl Bus Driver Receives Courage Award

Tablar honored by Stahl.

NEISD bus driver, Lisa Tabler, is accompanied by a Stahl student as she holds a poster signed by her biggest fans.

Lisa Tabler was honored at Stahl Elementary School recently for providing a safe and respectful environment on her bus route. Tabler, the driver for Bus 606, was nominated for the Courage Award by students riding her bus. Each week, Stahl students and staff nominate a member of the Stahl Community to receive the award. The selected person has done something to live by the words of the Stahl Courage Pledge. They have displayed actions that stand up for respect and against bullying. Here are the words of the pledge:

I am strong.
I have the courage to be bully-free.
I promise to walk tall and be proud of who I am.
To treat each person with respect by my words and deeds.
To stand up for someone who is being put-down.
Today my world will be a better place because
I choose to be

Students on her bus had great things to say about Tabler. A fifth grader said, "She doesn't let us say mean words to each other." Another student said, "She makes sure that we don't sit near people that we could get in trouble with." Several students said, "We all feel safe on the bus."

Tabler's picture is displayed along with other Courage Award winners on a special bulletin board in the school library. She will also be invited to attend the Courage Award Reception to be held at the end of the school year.

Posted on November 21, 2013