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Stahl students recognized at courage awards banquet

Stahl Elementary School recognized students who lived the words to the "Courage Pledge" at a reception held in their honor on Thursday, May 29. Each Wednesday, Students at Stahl recite this pledge to stand up against bullying and show respect. Here are the words:

I am strong.
I have the courage to be bully-free.
I promise to walk tall and be proud of who I am.
To treat each person with respect by my words and deeds.
To stand up for someone who is being put-down.
Today my world will be a better place because
I choose
To be bully-free.

Each week a student is recognized who really lives the words with specific actions. The reception recognized these students as well as their families who encourage this positive behavior. These actions, known to the students at Stahl as "bully busters" included such behaviors as accompanying a friend to tell an adult, showing someone support by saying "Stop it" when bullying might occur on the bus or playground, including someone who might be considered an outsider, or not spreading gossip. Students were encouraged that while the strategies may not always completely stop the bullying, the support shown to a fellow classmate is invaluable.

Those recognized received a medal in honor of their efforts. The Stahl fifth grade PALS performed a short puppet skit at the event explaining Bully Buster strategies and the Courage Award. Funding for the reception as well as the puppets was provided by the Assistance League of San Antonio. Thanks are extended to the Stahl family specialist, Lorranine Cirlos-Martinez for helping to write the grant.

North East ISD is strongly committed to preventing and addressing bullying in any form. That's why communication between schools, students and parents is so crucial. Last year, NEISD launched a—first of its kind—bullying awareness website. To learn more about bullying and NEISD's initiative to prevent bullying in its schools click here.

You can always go to the NEISD homepage and click on the "NEISD Bully Awareness" button located on the bottom left of the page. The site features a 24-hour hotline, helpful tips on preventing bullying and campus contact information.

For more information about the Courage Pledge or Bully Buster strategies, contact Stahl counselors, Donna Fisher or Michael Suzich at 407-7400.

Courage Awards Banquet

Student is honored at banquet.

Wide shot of parent at banquet.

Parent with child.

Student with puppet.

Posted on May 31, 2013