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STEM students thank wounded warriors at SAMMC

Wounded Warriors

What did you do to help others during your holidays? Did you go out and help a man down on his luck? How about reaching out to wounded soldiers that came back to the states after risking their lives on the front lines? No, well STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Academy sure did.
The entire eighth grade got together to make cards for wounded soldiers, and it was a rounding success.

There were cards for every religion and celebration imaginable. The students felt a need to help these warriors because as one student said, “They fought for us, for our country and our freedom. It doesn’t matter if you hate the war, they deserve our respect.”

The wounded warrior project helps support and orientate wounded soldiers back into a stable lifestyle. The program is renowned among the troops for both its high success rates and satisfaction rates. A multitude of veterans in the program have continued to come back to help other veterans. The STEM students were ecstatic take part in only a small part of the program.

It was a great project for the students to participate in and had the holidays looking a little brighter. Keep in mind that the Wounded Warrior project can always use volunteers.

(Co-Written by two STEM students)

Posted on January 28, 2014