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STEM students at SAWS, Engineers for a day


STEM students had a great experience at Engineer for a Day at SAWS.

Nine students from the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Academy at Lee High School participated in the annual Engineer for a Day event on February 18.  The intent of the Engineer for a Day program is to provide high school students an opportunity to visit an engineering firm and spend a day observing engineers use science and mathematics and a lot of ingenuity to design, build, create solutions, and maintain various system components in one of several branches of engineering.

While all branches have similarities, each one is unique and has their own set of requirements in order to work within that field.  The STEM students were given a basic water and wastewater system overview by several engineers from the San Antonio Water System organization.  The briefings included modeling software which demonstrated a basic water distribution system, pumping facilities, and water production and distribution to the citizens of our city.

Students were shown a computer rendition of the area surrounding Lee which contained the diameter of the pipes and the amount of water being provided to Lee on a daily basis.  They also visited the San Antonio Zoo, where they were shown an ultra-modern facility designed to remove waste from the water being discharged into the San Antonio River.

“It’s impressive that when we want water at our school, all we have to do is turn a small handle and it comes out," said Fransisco Resendiz, STEM senior. " And it’s that way each time we turn that handle. I now know how much engineering goes into making that happen.” Included in the itinerary were visits to several local sites where the students were able to see water system components in use. 

“I had no idea our water system was so complicated,” remarked Julianna Martinez, a STEM freshman.  “I’m amazed that there are over 6,000 miles of pipes right under our feet and that water is rushing through those pipes non-stop.”

Posted on February 28, 2014