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Stem academy students score big at e-cybermission

The eighth grade STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Team from the North East ISD STEM Academy at Nimitz Middle School surpassed all-state winning teams from Alaska, Hawaii, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Oklahoma to become the 2013 Pacific & Southwest Regional Winners in the National e-Cybermission STEM Challenge. Team I.O.N. (Improving Our Nation) is now preparing for Nationals, which will be held June 16-21 in Leesburg, Virginia.

The week-long e-Cybermission National Judging and Educational Event will provide Team I.O.N. with opportunities to collaborate on challenge teams with other regional winners, visit STEM-focused research laboratories, visit historical places including Smithsonian Museums and Civil War Historical Sites and visit the monuments on the National Mall. Throughout the week students will meet with renowned engineers, scientists, congressmen, and high-ranking military personnel and will present their project at a National Showcase which will be streamed live on June 19.

Team I.O.N’s project incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to solve a problem in the local community. The problem identified by Team I.O.N. focuses on the potential impact on the environment when batteries are disposed of improperly. The extent of the problem was explored through Experimental Design Processes that compared the germination rate and growth of plants in contaminated and uncontaminated soil.

Runoff was also analyzed for water quality and evidence of ionization. Engineering Design Processes were used to design and develop a programmable automated watering system for the plant growth experiments and to design a containment receptacle and an eco-friendly plan for proper battery disposal in schools.

If you would like to provide valuable data for this project, please complete the brief survey at here. To learn more about the National e-Cybermission STEM Competition, click here.

Team I.O.N.(L to R) Ryan White, James Packard, Cameron Spencer, Ian Copeland and Team Advisor Sandra Geisbush.

Posted on May 28, 2013