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Reagan model un students attend major conference

Model UN Briefing Group

The Reagan Model UN students gather with the briefing group.

Twenty-one Reagan High School Model UN students are attended the National High School Model United Nations conference in New York on the week of March 3. The conference included over 3,300 students from 25 countries. The Reagan delegation had 19 members representing the Republic of Bulgaria.
As part of NHSMUN, the Reagan delegation received a 2 hour briefing and Q&A session with Dr. Angel Angelov, Second Secretary and Political Coordinator of the Permanent Mission of Bulgaria to the United Nations.

The briefing was specifically designed to help the school's delegation better represent Bulgaria in the various committees at NHSMUN. Dr. Angelov covered Bulgaria's membership in the European Union, the relationship between Bulgaria and its neighbors, and the views of Bulgaria on the current crisis in the Ukraine.

Dr. Angelov was at the Security Council session on Monday, March 3 that first discussed the change of government in the Ukraine and the presence of Russian troops in the Crimea. The briefing was held at the Bulgarian Permanent Mission.

mission plaque

A photo of the Bulgarian mission plaque.

Bulgarian Briefing

Model UN students paid close attention during the Bulgarian briefing.

The conference resumed Thursday afternoon with debate continuing through Friday. On Saturday, the final committee sessions were held at the United Nations headquarters. The experience was one Reagan UN students will never forget.

Posted on March 17, 2014