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Reagan speech and debate team on a roll

Reagan speech team wins first place at state qualifying meet

Reagan High School Speech competed at the Round Rock Texas Forensic Association State Qualifying meet on Nov. 9 and took home first place overall. Individual awards went to:

McKenna Phillips - 2nd Poetry, 1st Prose, 1st Oratory
Freddie Marshall - 5th Poetry, 1st Duet
Kristen Peeler - 5th Humorous, 1st Duet
Caroline King - 1st Dramatic, 2nd Humorous, 2nd Oratory, 2nd Prose
Christina Gayton - 3rd Humorous, 4th Oratory, 3rd Duo
Juan Nunez - 3rd Duo
Kaylyn Pederson - 3rd Humorous, 6th Prose, 1st Duo
Kelany Brent - 5th Dramatic, 1st Duo
Rhea Kamat - 5th Oratory, 6th Dramatic,
Katie Cotter/Sabrina Epstein - 3rd Duet
Jordan Dohogne/Camila Sandoval - 4th Duet
Julia Medeiros/Jillian McDermott - 6th Duo

Taking first place at Madison Tournament

Reagan High School won first place sweepstakes at the Madison High School Tournament with the following individual winners and placings:

Christina Gayton -1st Humorous, 1st Oratory, 3rd Novice Prose, 4th Duo Interp
Sabrina Epstein 5th Novice Prose
Caroline King - 3rd Prose, 5th Duet Acting
Arasha Lalani - 1st Novice Prose
Matthew Larsen - 5th Duet Acting
Tessa Maropis - 1st Dramatic Interp
Freddie Marshall - 1st Poetry, 2nd Duet
Jillian McDermott - 3rd Dramatic Interp, 2nd Duo Interp
Julia Medeiros - 5th Humorous Interp, 2nd Duo
Juan Nunez - 4th Dramatic Interp, 4th Duo
Kristen Peeler - 2nd Duet Acting
McKenna Phillips - 2nd Prose
Reeda Virani - 4th Novice Extemp
Lu Barraza - 1st Lincoln Douglas Debate
Alissa Stine - Quarters LD Debate
Melissa Gayton/Alexandra Gass - 2nd CX Debate
Ryan Sullivan/Andrew Xiang - 3rd CX Debate

Reagan Speech at Round Rock comeptition.

The team holds up their trophies after dominating at the Round Rock competition.


Posted on November 19, 2013