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Reagan robotics team wins connect award

Reagan Robotics

The Reagan High School FTC Robotics Team competed at the Connolly High School FTC Double Qualifier winning the Connect Award (for outstanding promotion of robotics in the community), qualifying to move on to compete at the Regional FTC Championship Feb. 7-8, hosted by Rackspace.

Students learned the engineering and industrial design process first-hand by designing and building the Reagan Robot themselves. Several pieces started out as “paper napkin” sketches, were then CAD designed, and finally printed in ABS plastic using a 3D printer.

When a part did not perform as expected, the students would seek to understand why, then redesign the part, integrating what they learned, and produced better working parts – their design evolved and improved with each cycle. The Connolly judges were so impressed with the Reagan design that the Reagan Robotics Team was a finalist (2nd place) for the PTC Design Award. With the judges saying: “… [the Reagan robot’s] design demonstrated insight into the art of industrial design by combining function and artistic features into every aspect of the robot …”

This is Reagan’s second year competing at this level in the FTC. Last season, Ronald Reagan qualified for the Regional Championship and won the Compass Award for outstanding team unity and vision.

This year, the Reagan Robotics Team hopes to continue this winning record.


The Reagan Robotics team takes a group photo after having a successful showing in competition.

Posted on January 31, 2014