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Reagan student has poem published by SAMA


Art has a way of inspiring and motivating its subjects and for Diane Temple's English IV GT English classes, the effect was no different. The students recently took a field trip to the San Antonio Museum of Art and Liam Bolster, a senior at the campus, wrote a poem which was inspired by an art piece at the museum titled, "Martirio de San Esteban I." Enjoy Liam's poem below, which was taken from SAMA's Demember 2013 newsletter.



Martirio de San Esteban I



  a student  in  DIANE TEMPLE'S ENGLISH IV GT/AP class


As the stones ring a beat, similar in structure

To the pulse of humanity,

The clay of flesh, and the

Burgundy beneath it,

Flows like oil on canvas.

The din of the embarrassed, the sinners, the guilty

Runs hot like rage,

Disposed of on the torso and carriers

Of the First of a Kind.


As His rage ripples across this earth

The aftershock of a prior death,

The blows befalling his most trusted servant

Are reminders to us all

Of the way our cavities can be filled with the shards

Of our being.

Lick the hot river from the corners of your lips

And taste life for what it is;


As the stench of betrayal wafts thickly across the way

Like a sharp asiago sprinkled over the

Rye taste of frail bitterness

We are reminded that the cry

Of those who have only come for good

Should not wane in the

Clutches of the malicious.

For the truly ambitious must take

What hate comes from those too small

To envision their vision.


As the most important of our ideas

Are forgotten with our passing

We must cope with the sad realization

That only those who die

For hope

Give hope to those

Who have not yet died.

For each bringer of tidings must welcome


Cruelty, and


Hot from the knife slowly grating the dead parts of the past

Away from that

Which we consume fresh.


This poem was created as a Class Project from October 17 tour of the 
Latin American Galleries.


Posted on December 12, 2013