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Reagan honors victims of Boston Marathon bombing

The explosion of two bombs at the Boston Marathon on April 15 has reverberated throughout our nation, including the hallways of Reagan High School. In the wake of this terrorist attack, which took the lives of three people and injured more than 170, North East ISD encouraged staff and students to wear running shoes on April 19 in honor of those affected by the tragedy. Reagan took it a step further by handing out race bibs to students, many of whom sported running clothes for the day.

Tenth grade student council member, Adriana Carner, explained the significance of the race bibs, “It has 4-1-5-2-0-1-3, and it stands for April 15, 2013, which is the day the Boston bombing happened.”

“It took us probably—in total—less than twenty-four hours to pull all this together,” said Tony Bellm in regards to the activity. The student council member has been keeping up with the story on the news. “Initially I was sad to learn about the tragedy that occurred, but I was confident that our law enforcement would be able to bring those responsible to justice and according to recent events, that’s exactly what’s happening.”

The day of remembrance was coordinated by Reagan Student Council Coordinator Deborah Schaefer. The students at Reagan are truly an example of NEISD’s continued “Tradition of Excellence.”

Big groupA group of staff and students show their support during this day of remembrance.

Students stand around sign.Students and teachers stand around their "Reagan Loves Boston" poster.

Staff in bibs.Staff and students alike proudly sported their racing bibs throughout the day.

Student council and fellow classmates.These students look like they are about to run a marathon as they support the cause.

Students and teachers.Staff and students lined up to pick up their bibs first thing in the morning.

Student CouncilStudent Council Members Tony Bellm, Andriana Carner and Gina Gerhart helped plan the day.

Big group in marathon gear.So many students show up in support that the student council almost ran out of bibs to give.

racing bibs.

Posted on April 19, 2013