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Reagan's Ability Team is on a mission

Ability Team

Ability Team members at Reagan stand proudly by one of their promotional posters.

"The Ability Team", the newest organization on Reagan High School's campus has turned into a complete success story. It began with five members and a sponsor, Alison Blair in April of 2013. Over the summer the small group did several volunteer projects at the food bank and Morgan's Wonderland, but struggled to get off the ground.

Since the beginning of school the club is now 170 strong and growing everyday. With a membership fee, required service hours, and mandatory monthly meeting attendance, it really shows the empathy and commitment the students at Reagan have for each other. The club consists of students with and without disabilities. Some of the disabilities members have are deafness, scoliosis, autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, prosthetic limbs and Asbergers.

"Our goal is to go in depth into one disability at each meeting, featuring a speaker who has to deal with that disability on a daily basis," said Alison Blair. "This amazing group of kids is dedicated to working with each other despite our differences."

Club activities range from before school tutoring to planting gardens on campus to just enjoying an afternoon lunch with a new group of friends. A few weeks ago the Ability Team held their first "meet and greet" in the teachers dining room. An astounding 89 kids showed up to this function. The line was pouring out of the door. The numbers swelled to the point that Blair had to find a larger room for the club to meet.

The Ability Team painted a football banner and is scheduled to hold it up for the run through on October 25, when Reagan plays Madison at the homecoming game. Blair is working on putting together several social functions for the kids so they can just go hang out together and be kids. All are encouraged to participate - even the ones that would normally stay at home.

Ability Team

Shown in the bottom row, in the middle, Alison Blair, gathers the students during their trip to Morgan's Wonderland.

Working on banner

An Ability Team member and Blair's daughter, Morgan, paint the homecoming football banner.

Volunteering at SA Food Bank

Ability Team members enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer at the San Antonio Food Bank.


Posted on September 25, 2013