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Are you trying to generate positive school publicity?

  • The Office of Communications is here to help you! We can help you publicize your event and talk with you about media coverage.
  • The Communications Department publicizes events and achievements for the entire district. This is done through the district's website, newsletters, media coverage and other communication tools.
  • Communications may not be aware of your school events and achievements. Completing a Publicity Request Form will get the necessary information to Communications.
  • When media is invited to an event, Communications should be made aware.
  • Students who are photographed, filmed or interviewed by the media must have parental permission. A Student Release Form (ENGLISH / SPANISH) is available to facilitate this.
  • Photographs of students used in any district/school publication or website should have the necessary permission from parents. A Student Release Form (ENGLISH / SPANISH) is available to facilitate this.
  • Communications can often use photos taken by campus personnel or parents for the district website and newsletters. Send photos to

All forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. (Download the latest version of Adobe Reader at


NEISD Web site Posting Guidelines

The North East ISD website is a great avenue to highlight student and district successes, as well as campus events. Because this is a tool for the entire district, the Communications Department can post news to the site that reflects our business--educating students. Communications appreciates the hundreds of submissions received each year, and we have provided guidelines below to help you decide what is appropriate for the district Web page. Please remember, if your news or event is not applicable for the district web page, consider posting it to your campus website.

Due to a limited number of news item slots on the main page, each cluster will be represented with one headline slot. All web news items will be located in the Web Postings section of the Media Center.

To better serve and manage each submission, publicity requests must be submitted through the new online form. Requests will no longer be accepted through fax, print or e-mail. Additionally, instead of requesting external media coverage for your event/accomplishment, you may indicate whether or not you are willing to have media on your campus.

Items that are newsworthy must be school/NEISD-related events/accomplishments/achievements except for scholarships and acceptance to magnet programs, institutes of higher education, and/or non-NEISD internships. More explanation on these limitations are below.

1) Fundraisers/Auctions:

Publicity requests to promote a fundraiser to benefit an individual student/staff member will not be posted. All items for sale must be tied to an event and connect back to the school or NEISD. In order to be posted on the district's website, proceeds must benefit the school, NEISD or a district-affiliated school support organization that has a 501(c)(3) classification, such as a campus PTA.

2) Contests/Competitions:

Publicity requests promoting contests/competitions must be initiated by NEISD or the campus (i.e. teacher working with the student(s) or encouraging student(s) to apply). Items solely accomplished by a student/teacher on his/her own time will not be posted to the web. (Please note, simply being a student or employee does not make the item school/NEISD-related.)

3) Scholarships:

With almost $67 million in scholarships awarded, posting all of the recipients would become ever changing. Instead, students are recognized for these accomplishments at graduation ceremonies, where it is more appropriate. Schools may also recognize scholarship winners in additional ways, such as through their campus website.

Scholarships will be posted in a story about school/NEISD-initiated contests, competitions or assignments where the scholarship is a prize (i.e. the scholarship prize is the result of the program).

4) Alumni:

Only the successes of current students will be highlighted on the district website.


For more information, contact Communications at (210) 407-0040 or