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Press Releases and Media Advisories

Community Relations sends dozens of press items to the local media each year. Press releases and Media Advisories help promote the achievements and programs of the district. Examples of press items include school openings, Veterans Day, Red Ribbon Week and Grandparents Day activities.


2017-04-07 ISA students promote community service on Global Youth Service Day
2017-03-02 MacArthur students witness mock drunk driving accident on campus
2017-02-06 NEISD hosts 15th annual Parent Engagement Conference
2017-01-25 NEISD electrical students put skills to good use
2017-01-17 MacArthur promotes a culture of positivity and encouragment
2016-12-09 NEISD students journey through exciting computer programming experience
2016-05-14 ISA students' lives forever changed after social art project on immigration
2016-05-06 Parent Academy Closing Session and Recognition
2016-04-23 Top seven percent of high school artists in Texas showcase incredible work
2016-04-16 San Antonio and Austin bus drivers face off in Road-e-o
2016-04-08 Madison student to witness mock Drunk Driving Accident on campus
2016-03-03 NEISD organizes rally for Healthy Heroes Day
2016-02-17 Johnson High School hosts Shattered Dreams program
2016-02-12 NEISD opens SPARK at Hidden Forest Elementary School
2016-02-08 NEISD hosts Parent Involvement Conference
2016-01-29 NEISD joins SA Works Job Shadow Day
2016-01-20 NEISD hosts Cafeteria Taste Test
2016-01-14 MacArthur EST students volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
2016-01-07 NEISD Automotive program receives coveted National Accreditation
2015-12-11 Reagan donates to Blue Santa
2015-12-07 Rackspace US, Inc. hosts Hour of Code at Walzem
2015-11-20 NEISD donates Weekend Treats to students
2015-11-13 NEISD hosts Unity Conference to promote acceptance on campus
2015-11-11 NEISD hosts Veterans Day events
2015-10-23 Google offer VR field trips to NEISD students