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STEM Academy learns how to handle natural disasters

You never know when a natural disaster will strike. That is what inspired Miriam Martinez-Jusino and the team at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy at Nimitz Middle School to initiate a catastrophic event project. On May 9, seventh grade students took part in a simulated catastrophic event—in this case the aftermath of a hurricane—where teams were required to build reliable shelters, ration food and water, and conduct search and rescue missions among other activities.

Each STEM subject was integrated into the project, fully engaging students during the activities. Representatives from The Red Cross, San Antonio Water System (SAWS), local military personnel and campus volunteers took part in making the event a success. This was the first year for the STEM catastrophic event project and it looks to be the start of a fun-filled educational tradition.

Student crawls out of shelter.A STEM student crawls out of shelter made out of debris left behind in the wake of the hurricane.

Rationing food.Students learned how to cook rationed foods like white rice and beans.

Survival materials.
Students are shown how to use different types of survival gear.

hand made shelterStudents used whatever they could find to put together their shelters.

Student dragging wooden planks.Along with using their STEM skills, students got plenty of exercise lifting debris off the football field.

Integrity of the shelters.The integrity of the shelters was tested by staff members pouring water on top

Students get wet from buckets of water.Students rush out of their shelter after getting soaked from the buckets of water.

search and rescueStudents learned how to strap a victim from the storm to a makeshift stretcher.

water check
Students learned about the importance of water quality testing after a hurricane.

Posted on May 9, 2013