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MacArthur High School designated as No Place for Hate

No Place For Hate

MacArthur High School has been designated as a “No Place for Hate” campus by the Anti-Defamation League. The No Place for Hate initiative strives to promote anti-bias and diversity education on campuses and create a culture of respect and inclusion.

MacArthur PALS students David Axton, William Thomas, Raven Reyna, and Madison Baber shared a presentation of how they accomplished this designation with four activities. David Axton completed a ripple effect presentation in which he gave a short speech after students watched an anti-bullying video.

Additionally, forty students were selected to attend a Unity Conference. Attendees listened to guest speakers and completed activities to unify each other’s connection between their school and other schools. For Valentine’s Day, more than 200 paper hearts were made with positive messages that were displayed around the school. More than 250 students also made pledges of respect by adding their name and their hand prints to 5 large posters that were displayed on campus.

To mark their accomplishment, the campus received a banner with stars to designate the years the campus receives this distinction. The goal is to continue the program and gain more stars each year as their efforts continue.

No Place for Hate
No Place for Hate No Place for Hate

Posted on May 30, 2014