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Woodstone welcomes author matt mcelligott

Author and Illustrator Matthew McElligott visited Woodstone Elementary School on Jan 17. He is the author and illustrator of 13 books, including 'Benjamin Franklinstein Lives', a Bluebonnet Nominee this year.

McElligott gave four presentations, each one focusing on a different book. He talked about the writing process, as well as the different techniques he uses for illustrating his books.

"It is amazing how these one hour visits can inspire and touch young minds," said Sara Romine, Woodstone's librarian. "Students came to him after his talks wanting to show him their writing or illustrations and he took the time to look at each one and encourage the children to keep it up."

One of the kindergarten students brought him a book called "Even Aliens Play" (patterned after McElligott's hit "Even Aliens Need Snacks.")

"James came back to class after hearing Mr. McElligott talk and told me that he HAD to make a book," said his teacher Denise Solis. "He went to our writing center where we have construction paper and writing paper and made a cover, wrote the book, and illustrated it."

Mr. McElligott was so impressed with James' book that he autographed a picture for him. It was a great day at Woodstone.

Posted on Feb. 4, 2013