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Wilshire Pre-k students cheer for petting zoo

In celebration of the San Antonio Rodeo, the pre-kinder and Head Start students at Wilshire Elementary School were visited by Fiesta Farms Petting Zoo. Thanks to our Wilshire PTA for providing such a delightful experience for our little ones.

Pre-k students pet baby goats. The pre-k students get a kick out of these fluffy "rascally rabbits."

Students pet a pot-bellied pig.This little black pot-bellied pig is enjoying plenty of attention from the Wilshire pre-k students.

Prek students pet the nose of a lama. A Wilshire pre-k student pets the nose of this docile llama.

Pre-k students are petting rabbits. The Wilshire pre-k students are trying to get these napping bunnies moving.

Prek Wilshire students pet a llamaDid you know that llama's can carry about 25% to 30% their body weight for up to 8 miles!

Prek students pet three baby goats.The pre-k kids are have fun reaching to pet these three baby goats.

Prek kids pet little Guinea pigsThese guinea pigs aren't in the pig family, nor from Guinea, but they are great for petting.

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