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West avenue stands together against bullying

Anti-Bully Assembly

West Avenue students are motivated to "stand together."

West Avenue Elementary School Wildcats "Stand Together" against bullying and learn C.P.R. - Children Practicing Respect!

October is National Bully Prevention Month and West Avenue has planned several events to teach students about acceptance.

At a school-wide assembly on October 9, Motivational Productions demonstrated different kinds of respect. "Stand Together" against bullying by using inspirational real-life stories and dynamic visuals.

Self-respect: Saying no to drugs and alcohol
Respecting each other: Bullying, teasing, respecting different viewpoints
Respecting parents: Obedience and appreciation
Respecting teachers as authority: Politeness and class etiquette
Respecting the belongings of others: Borrowing and public property
Respecting our country: Patriotism and respect for our leaders

The school is planning a balloon launch at the end of the month where students will take a pledge to be bully and drug free.

Posted on October 16, 2013