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Tuscany Heights is 'Turning Pages with Truman'

Students at Tuscany Heights Elementary School welcomed Truman the Dragon of Kidsville in a recent visit. Tuscany Heights took part in "Turning Pages with Truman," a new reading program organized by the Kidsville Optimist Club.

According to Kidsville, standing six-feet tall with a cool cap and a toothy grin, there are many things that Truman the Dragon is good at. But there is only one thing he truly loves to! The jolly green dragon loves where his imagination takes him once he opens a book. Truman traveled to Tuscany Heights in order to share his love for reading with the students.

Gina Groomer-Barbera, founder of the Kidsville Optimist Club, explained the importance behind the program and why she believes it can help instill a love for reading in young children.

"The Kidsville Optimist Club is always looking for new ways to promote the importance of learning," explained Barbera. "Bringing Truman into the classroom has helped generate excitement. They love it!"

Sue Kuentz, Tuscany Heights Librarian, and Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union, Friend of the Kidsville Optimist Club, teamed up with Truman to show the students how fun reading can truly be.

"To see their faces light up as they listened and watched as Truman followed along was wonderful to see!" added Barbera.

Truman hopes to soon visit other local elementary schools and 'turn pages' with more new friends.

"There's no limit to what reading can help children learn and discover next," said Barbera.

Tuscany Heights is 'Turning Pages with Truman'

Posted on November 30, 2012