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Tejeda featured in anti-bully video

Tejeda Middle School’s T-Wolves Against Bullies (TAB) was asked by willUstand to take part in a crowd-sourced music video for an anti-bullying anthem called “Stand” through their Twitter page @PAWsitiveLeader.

Charleigh Gere, a twelve-year-old from Vermont, inspired the Stand project after she experienced bullying in sixth grade. Charleigh wanted a way to inspire other youth to stand up to bullying with the idea of having “one voice unafraid.” TAB members encouraged other students on campus to also support their efforts to stop bullying by creating a video submission from the entire school.

More than 200 Tejeda students gathered in pink shirts, the color for anti-bullying, to create a video clip for the movement. The students spelled out the words “STAND UP” using their bodies in November 2012. Tejeda submitted their video clip in hopes of being selected for the music video.

TAB members also sent a care package to Charleigh at her school, which included the club’s t-shirt, bracelet, and a picture of their submission with messages written on the back. Charleigh filmed a thank you response to the students’ package, while wearing their shirt and bracelet with the phrase “At least I’m not a bully.” The response was featured on their Twitter page @willUstand.  To watch the video, click here.

On Feb. 20, the video for the Stand project was released to the public. Charleigh’s brother Justin sang in the duet with his younger sister. Submissions were received from individuals from across the world.

Students from Tejeda appeared twice in the crowd-sourced video and the school was recognized in the credits. Tejeda was the only school from Texas that was featured in the crowd-sourced music video. To watch the video, click here

Tejeda TAB featured in Stand video

Posted on Feb. 26, 2013