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tejeda stands up to bullying

DATE: Nov. 14
TIME: 3:20 pm
LOCATION: tennis courts, tejeda ms, 2909 Evans Rs

Tejeda Middle School students participated in the willUstand movement to stop bullying. Approximately 200 Tejeda students in pink shirts filmed a short video clip as they form the phrase “STAND UP ” with their bodies.

Tejeda’s newest student club T.A.B. (T-Wolves Against Bullies) communicated through Twitter with the willUstand organization and was asked if they’d participate in the creation of a crowd-sourced music video for the anti-bullying theme song “Stand.” The song was written and inspired by Vermont twelve-year-old Charleigh Gere. After experiencing a bullying incident in sixth grade, and attending a community event about bullying, she and her family wanted to find a way to encourage youth to be the "one voice unafraid" to stand for others.

Students from every grade level participated in the project. Teachers, administrators, counselors, and other school personnel also contributed in the success of the event. KSAT 12 News covered the anti-bullying demonstration and interviewed students and teachers about the importance of taking a stand.


tejeda stands up to bullying

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Posted on November 14, 2012, updated November 15, 2012