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tejeda recognizes no name calling week

Tejeda Middle School's T-Wolves Against Bullies (TAB) recognized National No Name Calling Week from January 22- 25. This annual week is "aimed at ending name calling of all kinds.” created the motto “No Sticks. No Stones. Words Can Hurt.” to recognize how words can negatively affect individuals. The members of TAB selected dress-up themes for each day to demonstrate their commitment to end name calling.

Tuesday, the students wore superhero outfits with the theme “Be a HERO to someone who is being called a name.” On Wednesday, the students dressed like hippies to support the theme “Say peace out to name calling.” Thursday, the students wore camouflage in their efforts to “Watch out for name callers.” The students ended the week by “BANDing together to end name calling” as they wore the shirt of their favorite band or musician on Friday.

Tejeda also collaborated with the schools in the Johnson High School cluster to create a “Chain of Hope.” Every student in the cluster received a colored strip of paper in which they were instructed to write a statement that begins with “I hope…”

Students were asked to write a statement related to their desire to end bullying. The pieces were stapled together to create a “Chain of Hope” and were displayed in the cafeteria for students to see the chain grow each day.

TAB members also created a banner for students to sign as a pledge to not name call others. During lunch, students were provided with the opportunity to sign the pledge banner. Additionally, students were asked to identify a kind word that they could use to describe other students. Students decorated the words on a paw, which teachers displayed on their doors. TAB filmed their efforts to end name calling and submitted a video for a contest through

For more information regarding National for No Name Calling Week, please visit their website at



Posted on Feb. 11, 2013