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Tejeda students 'MIX IT UP'

Tejeda had their first ever Mix-it-Up Lunch on Friday, October 5, 2012. A mix-it-up lunch is where students are asked to sit at a new table out of their comfort zone. It is a simple way to encourage students to meet new people during lunch. T-wolves Against Bullies (TAB) initiated this lunch as an effort to teach tolerance and to diminish bullying.

“I met three kids I’ve never talked to before! I found out that we had similar interests. It was fun,” said Christian, a seventh grader.

To celebrate, the students were also asked to wear mix-matched clothes. Teachers at the campus also participated in this event.

TAB will host a Mix-It-Up Lunch during the first Friday of every month.

Tejeda students 'MIX IT UP'Tejeda students 'MIX IT UP'Tejeda students 'MIX IT UP'Tejeda students 'MIX IT UP'

Posted on October 9, 2012