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Superintendent hosts students for luncheon

Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, Superintendent of Schools, hosted students representing each of the high schools in the district for the second Superintendent Student Luncheon Tuesday, April 2.

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The students invited to this VIP luncheon were selected by their principals.

Dr. Gottardy thinks it's important to get input directly from students around the district to help him and the executive staff make more informed decisions. He asked the group how they feel about their schools, if they feel prepared for life after high school, and if there is anything they would want to change.

The students discussed their expectations and topics ranged from the ranking system for high schools, course diversity, the success of the Advanced Placement (AP) program, and more.

Dr. Gottardy said the district's responsibility is to prepare students to take that next step in life. 

"People have come back to say that college was easier than their high school," said Dr. Gottardy.   "That’s a good thing.  The rigor in their high school classes prepared them for college."

The students also shared some ideas on how to improve their campuses.  One common theme was student involvement. Students said all their classmates should be encouraged to participate in school activities because it could help them stay on the right path.

Middle and elementary students will attend similar lunches in the next couple of weeks.

Superintendent Student Luncheon group picture

18 students from each NEISD high school attended the luncheon.

Superintendent Student Luncheon

Students discussed a variety of topics at the luncheon.

Lee High School catered the Superintendent Student Luncheon

Lee High School catered the event at the central office. 

Posted on April 2, 2013