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Stone Oak hosts leadership day for community

Stone Oak Elementary School hosted a Leadership Day on May 23 for community members to view the influence of leadership skills and the application of Stephen Covey's 7 habits on elementary students. Visitors included local business partners, parents, staff members and staff from other schools hoping to apply Stone Oak's program to their campus.

Students ages five to seven greeted visitors with a firm handshake, eye contact and an impressive tour of their campus programs.

"This gives me such a nice sense of community for businesses to be able to see our schools in action," said Barbara Samfield, a business partner from Speech & Language Center at Stone Oak. "I'm very impressed with how the students are learning self responsibility and having their social skills reenforced. This is something I'd like to see in all schools!"

Student-led groups like the BobcatTV crew explained how they use their talents to host a daily show for the campus.

"We get to school at seven in the morning to do announcements every day. Mostly local news like happy birthdays and what's for lunch. We even have sportscasters and a weatherman," said fifth grader Elena Garcia.

This is the first year fort he Leadership Day program, and they are already planning to host a similar program next year.

Stone Oak is the 50th Franklin Covey Lighthouse School in the world.

Stone Oak Leadership Day

Students representing the 7 Habits.

Stone Oak Leadership Day

Business partner Pro Martial Arts hosted a booth at the event.

Stone Oak Leadership Day

BobcatTV hosted a table to show off the projects they do everyday.

Stone Oak Leadership Day

Business partners showed off flooring products to visitors.

Stone Oak Leadership Day

Student Council hosted a booth about their accomplishments.

Stone Oak Leadership Day

Community members toured the campus.

Posted on May 23, 2014