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STEM Rocket Team Delivers

If your morning breakfast egg were to come to you the long way, a very long way—say, through space—you might call it an eggonaut. And if it were out of the refrigerator that long you certainly wouldn’t want it cracked beforehand. Who do you entrust with such a delivery? Call “Los Masticadores Del Huevos,” the STEM Academy Eggonaut Rocket team!

Randall Ohman’s robotics class entered the Engineering Technology Challenge made by the Bexar County chapter of the Texas Society of Professional Engineers. The Challenge offered three opportunities to test one’s engineering mettle. The STEM team chose “Eggonaut:” sending a raw egg into the air as long as possible via soda bottle water rocket and bringing it back uncracked.

Teams gathered in open area near the UTSA engineering buildings to conduct the launches. Up against Pleasanton, Medina Valley, Hondo and McCollum high schools, the Nimitz-based team brought back their egg safely after the second longest time aloft—garnering second place! And they held onto it through the evaluations of their engineering report that included their experience designing, building, testing and refining the rocket, scale drawing, and flight optimization via simulation results.

The happy team suggests reading the introduction above again if you want cheese with your egg.

STEM studentsSTEM students (L to R) Victoria Riojas, Matthew Ebert, Nico Garcia, and Ian Copeland show off their water bottle rocket.

Posted on April 12, 2013