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stem student achieves great heights

How tall can you go? Sixth-grade STEM adventurers in Mr. Ohman’s robotics class are rewarded for the heights they accomplish in the “Key Basket” challenge of the Mayan Adventure. The project-based learning unit has several challenges that students do with their LEGO robots to get to an ancient burial chamber.

The ancient Key Basket artifact, which looks a lot like an oatmeal canister, is lassoed with a rope as robots encircle it. The Basket has 3-tiers of pegs to hold the rope. Bottom is Full Challenge Score. The mid pegs add bonus points. The top tier pegs earn the student “Hall of Fame” status, something Luis Jimenez managed. But when you have an accomplished robotics student with time on his hands, things can happen.

Luis proceeded to stack Key Basket upon Key Basket until he was facing 12-tiers of pegs! His small but mighty robot chugged around the Basket, teetering to and fro, its boom reaching upward, draping the rope across the pegs at the tallest level.

The classroom had been absolutely quiet with disbelief as it tackled the mission but erupted into glee and shouts…Luis and his robot were victorious!



Posted on December 21, 2012