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STEM students display robotics skills in mayan adventure

Robotics students in Mr. Ohman's STEM class got one step closer to entering the burial chamber of an ancient Mayan king. They sent in a robot to get over booby-trapped floors to retrieve a scroll with the last bits of information necessary to enter the chamber safely.

Students have been accumulating robot building and programming experience as they've negotiated each challenge. This time they were to go down a tunnel and grab the scroll, sitting on pedestals, and bring it back without dropping it.

Jack accomplished this readily and even went a step further by doing the challenge with an extra heavy scroll, putting him in the "Challenge Hall of Fame." Now pumped up, he aspired to do what none others had done: knock down and catch the heavy scroll as it falls from pedestals stacked 3-high...and bring it back without dropping! Well done!

Jack is surrounded by the STEM robotic studentsJack is surrounded by admiring roboteer classmates (L to R): Carlos, Ivan, Mark, Jack, Adrian, Anthony.)

Posted on Feb. 27, 2013