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STEM alumni share college experiences, offer advice

With their first semester of college behind them, STEM graduates Matthew Malacara and Juan Urquidi visited with current STEM juniors and seniors on Tuesday, January 8 to offer insight into college life. Both Malacara and Urquidi attend Texas A & M University in College Station and were welcomed by STEM faculty members during the first-ever STEM alumni panel discussion.

During the visit, Urquidi described the college courses he has taken and explained how his high school courses prepared him for the demands of his coursework. Malacara mentioned the credit he earned by taking AP courses and scoring well on AP exams.

The graduates were asked to explain how STEM prepared them for the demands of college as well as describing their successes and the challenges of college. After sharing their experiences with signing up for classes and adjusting to life in the dorms, they offered STEM juniors and seniors advice. They stressed the importance of getting organized, to developing serious study habits now (before they get to college), to taking as many AP classes as possible, and maintaining high grades for scholarships. They also mentioned the importance of studying, even when students think they are familiar with the material, since cramming before tests isn't effective.

Current students were given the opportunity to ask questions about preparing for college at the end of the session.

Posted on January 8, 2013