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STEM and Nimitz students take part in Tom's national event

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Academy and Nimitz Middle School students participated in Tom's national event "One Day Without Shoes." Students Offering Service (S.O.S.) hosted the event and spent a week helping students make their own shoes out of recycling and trash scraps like fabric, cardboard, string, etc.

The event is meant to bring awareness to the fact that over 300 million children around the world cannot afford to buy shoes and are forced to either go barefoot or make shoes from trash and scraps. The problem with going barefoot is that many children end up with cuts and scrapes on their feet leading to different diseases and infections such as hookworm. Also, students without shoes are not allowed to attend school and therefore miss out on a proper education.

After spending time making their own shoes, the STEM and Nimitz students spent the day in those home made shoes to experience what it is like to have nothing but cardboard, cloth, and various supplies protecting them from the elements. As excited as students were to bring awareness to this cause they were ready to have their store bought shoes back at the end of the day. They have definitely garnered an appreciation for what they have.

Toms without shoes day.STEM and Nimitz students couldn't wait to take off these scrap shoes by the end of the day.

Posted on April 23, 2013