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Superintendent Student Luncheon kicks off

Superintendent Student Luncheon kicks offHigh school students from across the district kicked off the Superintendent Student Luncheon program on Tuesday, Nov. 27. Students met with NEISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian G. Gottardy in a 'rap session' to share their opinions on what's working and what can be improved in school. Middle school students met on Wednesday, Nov. 28 and elementary school students met Thursday, Nov. 29.

During the Tuesday kick-off, Dr. Gottardy met with students from six of the comprehensive high schools, as well as the International School of the Americas and the Academy of Creative Education. Dr. Gottardy asked students about what they liked best about their education, how they felt they were being prepared for life after school, and what they thought about their relationship with teachers and school administration. The students had plenty to share and expressed positive feedback on both college/career prep and the connections they make with school faculty and staff.

Caroline Talley with Dr. Brian G. Gottardy.Students from the 13 NEISD middle school campuses met on Wednesday. In addition to sharing a discussion with Dr. Gottardy, the students were also treated to a special lasagna meal prepared by the Madison High School culinary program. Dr. Gottardy closed his time with the students by giving each one the opportunity to share what he/she likes and doesn't like about their campus.

Students from 23 NEISD elementary schools met on Thursday. They shared their likes and dislikes about school, as well as what they hoped could be improved. Many students also shared their concerns for the future as they inquired about possible magnet programs they could take in middle and high schools. Students from the MacArthur Culinary Program catered the meal for the students offering a menu of sloppy joes, mac and cheese, fruit and chocolate cake with a side of worms--gummi worms, that is.

High School Group - November 27, 2012

Superintendent Student Luncheon kicks off

L to R: Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, Superintendent of Schools; Jordan Choate, Madison; Andrew Gomez, Lee; Ellen Pennington, Johnson; Danielle Hawryluk, Churchill; Fatima Jaffer, International School of the Americas; Morgan Maltzahn, Academy of Creative Education; James Gessner, MacArthur; Victoria Ludolph, Roosevelt.

Middle School Group - November 28, 2012

Middle School Group - November 28, 2012

L to R, front row: Miranda Alonzo, Driscoll; Martin Garcia, Jackson; Robert DeGollado, Nimitz; Maya Canestaro, Bush; Caroline Talley, Eisenhower; and Samantha Miller, Krueger.

L to R, back row: Jonathan Rosas, Wood; Braxton Beltran, Tejeda; Ryan Jaffe, Bradley; Caitlin Leal, Harris; Rhea Kamat, Lopez; Mitchell Markey, Garner; Mayra Camacho, White; and Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, Superintendent of Schools.

Elementary School Group - November 28, 2012

Superintendent Student Luncheon - Elementary

Row 1/Back Row, L to R: Avery Corona, Longs Creek; Avery Rosenblum, Canyon Ridge; Frieda Farias, Colonial Hills; Maya Herring, Harmony Hills; Alexys Guajardo, Jackson-Keller; Trey Vela, Castle Hills; Justin Falk, Northern Hills; and Nicholas Marroquin, Clear Spring.

Row 2, L to R: Emma Paez, Dellview; Makalya Robles, East Terrell Hills; Evan Riley, Hidden Forest; Elida Marquez, Montgomery; Danny Nguyen, Camelot; Cindy Chung, Larkspur; Savannah Bond, Fox Run; and Renee Gill, Bulverde Creek.

Row 3 (seated), L to R: Emma Mills, Las Lomas; Cullen Ingersoll, Coker; Dr. Brian G. Gottardy, Superintendent of Schools; Justin Rodriguez, Cibolo Green; Carson Krause, Encino Park; and Kylie Thomas, Hardy Oak.

Row 4 (kneeling), L to R: Alvaro Garza, El Dorado and Aidan Cuellar, Huebner.

MacArthur (top) and Madison (bottom) culinary students

Superintendent Student Luncheon - MacArthur Culinary Program

Superintendent Student Luncheon - Madison Culinary Program

Posted on November 27, 2012, updated November 29, 2012