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Ridgeview hosts Loved Ones in the Library

Ridgeview Elementary School welcomed more than 160 members of the community to the library during their third annual Loved Ones in the Library event on Thursday, Feb. 14.

Parents, guardians and family members visited on Valentine’s Day to sit with their child and read a book. They were notified about this event by invitations previously sent home with the students. They included a heart that students could color and list their favorite book and why they enjoyed reading that book. The hearts were then posted around the library.

Claudia Williams wrote a thank you on a Valentine in the library - “I really enjoyed spending time with my children in the library reading different books. I am thankful for the school giving us parents the opportunity to do these things.”

The event was created by the Campus Instructional Committee to bring the community to the school to read. Family Specialist Cindy Ford helped library staff serve members of the community.

“This event gets the students talking about literature early,” said Librarian Roxanne Jenke. “It is also a big part of the library community and the students enjoyed this hands on activity.”

After students finished reading with their families, they were given bilingual bookmarks that listed good reading strategies to continue their reading at home.

Ridgeview Loved Ones in the Library event

Family reading together for the Ridgeview Loved Ones in the Library event.

Posted on Feb. 25, 2013