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Reagan student completes leadership in action program

Leadership in Action

Education in Action is recognizing one North East ISD student for her dedication to developing leadership skills and getting involved in her community.

Ninety-eight outstanding young student leaders from across the state successfully completed Education in Action’s 2014-2015 Lone Star Youth Leadership Council program.

Danielle DeLaPaz, 11th grader at Reagan High School, is a 6th year member of the Lone Star Youth Leadership Council.

For her 2014-2015 project, Dancing Petals, Danielle visited the Coronado Assisted Living Center and shared her love of dance over the Easter break. She entertained the residents with her wonderful dancing. After her performance, she listened to them speak about their past experiences with the arts while she shared a more contemporary point of view.

Members participated in a Lone Star Leadership Academy, a week long leadership development summer camp. As graduates of this program, they were invited to join Education in Action’s alumni program, the Lone Star Youth Leadership Council, to receive leadership training during the school year.

In addition to completing leadership skill-building lessons, each student identified a need in his or her community and initiated and implemented a service project. To provide an opportunity for hands-on leadership skill development, each student was required to lead at least two others in their project.

"In completing this service project, I gained a better understanding of the community I live in," said Danielle DeLaPaz. "I not only gained knowledge but I gained leadership skills from this experience as well."

Each student received a certificate of merit.

Her project sponsor was Grace Chapa, retired counselor.

Reagan student dancing for Leadership in Action project

Posted on June 25, 2015