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Olmos kindergarten class celebrates perfect attendance

Octavio Reyna has been a teacher for 16 years, but cannot boast an accomplishment like this one until now.

His bilingual kindergarten class has had perfect attendance for the entire first 9-weeks of the 2012-2013 school year. Every student has shown up each day without fail, and with a love of learning and positive attitude. Reyna credits their parents for helping to make this happen.

“I take no responsibility for this,” said Reyna. “I really believe it’s about the parents. They appreciate school. I try to make school as much fun as I can for the students, but I really think it’s the parents' desire for their kids to be in school.”

He hopes that their perfect record can continue for as long as possible.  “We really need to celebrate the good news in our schools. Things like this happen and we need to spotlight them.  It’s great for the kids and its great for the parents.”


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Posted on November 2, 2012