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olmos receives book donation for every student

DATE: May 2
TIME: 8-11 am
LOCATION: library, olmos es, 1103 allena dr

The North San Antonio Retired Teachers Association will donate a book to every student at Olmos Elementary School through its Children’s Book Project.

On May 2, several members of the association will bring approximately 700 books to the school’s library. Throughout the morning, students will come in with their classes and chose a book to take home. Association members will stay until every child has taken a book.

The North San Antonio chapter of the association has been adopting one school each school year for their book donation since the 1990s. They try to select schools where students may not have the funds to purchase their own books.

Judy Lynn, former Olmos teacher and past president of the North San Antonio chapter, recommended Olmos for this year’s donation.

For more information, contact Melissa barnes at 279-8528.

Posted on April 2, 2013