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Nimitz goes One Day Without Shoes

DATE: April 10
TIME: 7:20 am - 4 pm
LOCATION: nimitz ms, 5426 Blanco Road


Nimtz Middle School and STEM Academy students will be participating in this year's One Day Without Shoes awareness event sponsored by TOMS shoes. In addition to going One Day Without (no shoes in the classroom, library, office, etc.), students and faculty will attempt to make their own pair of shoes out of scrap waste/recycled materials to see how difficult it would be to find a way to protect their feet from injury and infection if they lived like millions of children around the world that cannot afford to buy a pair of shoes.

Shoe-making workshops will be held after school on the Nimitz campus art classrooms all week, April 2-6, and students, staff and parents are encouraged to participate by showing up to school on April 10 in their homemade shoes. Parents and faculty are welcome to join in for the free workshops. (Parents and visitors are asked to please sign in at the main office.)

The purpose of this event is to raise awareness about poverty issues facing millions of children each day. Something as simple as shoes can mean the difference between being able to go to school and have a chance to break the cycle of poverty; and without shoes, children are exposed to many health threats and injuries or may be denied access to attend school.

Any NEISD campus is encouraged to join them and participate in an awareness event on your own campus. You can accept the "One Day Without Shoes" challenge by going to Please click on the Challenge Link, Type "NEISD" as the company/organization name, and enter your e-mail address.

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The Nimitz Campus event link is:

Any other NEISD campus that would like to host a One Day Without Shoes awareness event can register their campus at this site as well.

Free educational materials and DVDs for service-learning projects for the One Day Without Shoes event can also be found on the website link above.

For more information, contact mare stewart at (210) 442-0450

Posted on Mar 9, 2012