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Northern Hills, Tuscany heights host anti-bully events

Northern Hills Elementary School

Northern Hills hosted an assembly for the Teen Nation Tour to educate students about bullying.

Teen Nation is a "grassroots, peer to peer effort to educate and entertain youth" that is touring San Antonio. The show stopped by Northern Hills on January 23, 2014. The show featured Katie Steel and South Six 5.

The teen singers taught students about the different types of bullying behavior, the damage it causes, and strategies for students being bullied.

Principal Randy Barr said they were very pleased with the message and that his students were very engaged during the presentation.

Northern Hills hosts anti-bully assembly

Tuscany Heights Elementary School

During Red Ribbon Week, Tuscany Heights made an extra effort to take a stance again bullies.

Teachers and students dressed in superhero costumes one day at school. Another day they wore their shirts backwards to "turn their backs on bullies."

It was a creative way to get students talking about different types of bullying and what to do about it.

Tuscany Heights anti-bully events

Tuscany Heights anti-bully events Tuscany Heights anti-bully event

For more information on the NEISD Bully Awareness program, click here.

Posted on January 28, 2014