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NEISD hosts Teacher of the Year Banquet

In the middle of National Teacher Appreciation Week, NEISD hosted it's annual Teacher of the Year Banquet.

One teacher was selected by their peers from each school in the district and recognized for their outstanding achievements and dedication.

Teachers were treated to a fabulous dinner at The Club at Sonterra and music by MacArthur High School. Each teacher also received gifts and awards from the Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian G. Gottardy and the Executive Staff.

Elementary Semifinalists were Tami Chadwell Garcia, Thousand Oaks, Meg Grossman, Longs Creek, Jennifer Hayes, Vineyard Ranch, and Rose Stevens, Dellview Elementary.

Secondary Semifinalists were Steve Davidson, MacArthur, Paulette Halvorson, Academy of Creative Education, Danielle Smith, Bush, and BriAnne Woodward, Driscoll.

A panel of judges selected the winners: Elementary Teacher of the Year Meg Grossman and Secondary Teacher of the Year Danielle Smith.

Teacher of the Year Banquet - high school teachers

(l to r) High School Teachers of the Year: Rosemary Villanueva Delaney, Ernest Ramirez, Barbara Harrell, Steve Davidson, Tami Kilburn, Brian Eanes, Bob Shivers, Paulette Halvorson, Gretchen Hoelscher, Veronica Canfield (not pictured), Caroline Brooks (not pictured)

Teacher of the Year Banquet -middle school teachers

(l to r) Middle School Teachers of the Year: Terry Shell, Stephanie Murray, Sylvia Holguin, Catherine A. Dietz, Holly Hill, Brett Folkes, Preston Brock, Jaclyn Metcalf, Stacey Sebesta, Mary Burnell, Kristen Silva, Danielle Smith, Brianne Woodward, Jennifer Hall (not pictured)

Teacher of the Year Banquet - elementary school teachers

Elementary School Teachers of the Year: Ida Garza, Erica Naud, Coral Bacon, Tracie Kuenzi, Amy Bright, Amanda Bruns, Randy Gastinger, Brooke Workman, Rose Stevens, Monica Laurent-Trivizio, Stephanie Craig, Melissa N. Herrera, Jennifer Lockner (not pictured), Shannon Seiger, Angela Oliverson, Ashley Preston, Ann K. Karrer, Diane Barksdale, Susan Flora, Sherri Bozer, Meg Grossman, Guadalupe A. Ramirez, Grace Diaz, Teresa Schlough, Jessica Hale, Karen Overstreet, Analee Smith, Michelle Loerwald, Lorena Padilla-Ytuarte, Roxanne Jenke, Kimberly Kohutek, Pat Gellersen, Sarah Sims, Anne Walkup, Catherine Nikole Jones, Lisa J. Boeck, Tami Chadwell Garcia, April Blackler, Jennifer M. Hayes, Guadalupe Zarate, Brenda Rodriguez, Angela Poynter, Jenna Bailey, Jennifer Beyer, Joshua Brown, Cynthia Zamora.

2014 Teacher of the Year winners

Elementary Techer of the Year Meg Grossman and Secondary Teacher of the Year Danielle Smith

Teacher of the Year banquet

Dinner at The Club at Sonterra for all the Campus Teachers of the Year

Posted on May 9, 2013