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NEISD celebrates Texas public schools week

Each day, our students at NEISD acquire new skills as they take on new challenges that engage their minds and bodies, building their educational foundations and futures. Our students are proud of their work and accomplishments and enjoy sharing their discoveries with the entire community. During the month of March, students get the opportunity to do just that as they celebrate Texas Public Schools Week.

Texas Public Schools Week was established in 1950 by the Masonic Lodges of Texas to recognize contributions made by the state's free system of education. Each year, the event has grown and it continues to be a meaningful way to showcase the many educational opportunities given to more than four million students attending Texas Public Schools.

Parents visit their kids classroom. At Thousand Oaks ES all grade levels planned an activity that parents could be a part of.

Parents and their childresn work on a pet rock assignment. Third graders at Thousand Oaks work on geometry as they play the game "What's My Shape?"

Posted on Mar. 28, 2013