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NEISD honors summa cum laude graduates

Each year, hundreds of students across North East ISD graduate from high school with the distinction of Summa Cum Laude. This means that these students have graduated high school with a 100+ grade average -- amazingly many of these do so, while also participating in extracurricular activities, volunteer opportunities and part-time jobs.

Each high school honors these students with a special reception and ceremony for family and friends. The students, in turn, honor an influential teacher or role model who has made an impact on their lives. Both are recognized that evening by the school's principal, district executive staff, NEISD board members and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian G. Gottardy.

Scroll through the list to read about these ceremonies and see photos, or click on the name of a school here: Churchill, ISA, Johnson, Lee, MacArthur, Madison, Reagan, and Roosevelt.

Future ceremonies include Lee on May 16.


Churchill honors its summa graduates

On Apr. 17, family and friends came together to honor 124 Churchill High School Summa Cum Laude graduates. A reception was held in the schools library. The ceremony was attended by district trustees and executive staff, family and friends.

Churchill_Summa1 Churchill_Summa2




ISA holds summa reception

On Apr. 2, family and friends gathered at the International School of the Americas (ISA) to recognize 44 of its students who will graduate Summa Cum Laude. They began with a reception in the cafeteria, followed by a ceremony in the school's auditorium.

ISA_Summareception ISA_Summareception1




Johnson honors its summa graduates

On Apr. 10, family and friends came together to honor 136 Johnson High School Summa Cum Laude graduates. All the Summas took the stage as they each came up one by one to honor their most important school influence.

Johnson_Summa3 Johnson_Summa4




Macarthur holds reception for top graduates

On Apr. 4, MacArthur High School recognized 62 Summa Cum Laude graduates at a special reception and recognition ceremony. Students recognized the special adults in their lives who helped them achieve success.

MacArthur_Summareceptionstudents MacArthur_Summareceptionstaff




Madison Summa reception honors top students

On Mar. 26, Madison High School recognized 58 students graduating with a 100+ grade average. The school added a slideshow of students and honorees to the nights festivities.

Madison_Summaslide Madison_Summahonoree




Reagan honors its brightest

On Feb. 19, family and friends came together to honor 134 Reagan High School Summa Cum Laude graduates. Among those helping to celebrate the night, was the school's orchestra.

Reagan_SummaMusic Reagan_SummaGottardy




Roosevelt honors its summa graduates

On Apr. 16, family and friends came together to honor 48 Roosevelt High School Summa Cum Laude graduates. More than 100 guests gathered to celebrate their students' amazing accomplishments

Roosevelt_Summa2 Roosevelt_Summa4



Lee honors it Summa graduates

On May 16, families and friends celebrated their students at Lee High School who achieved the highest honor -- graduating Summa Cum Laude.

Lee_Summa1 Lee_Summa2



Posted on April 3, 2013