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neisd schools take on raider challenge

Several NEISD JROTC teams competed in the 2013JROTC Raider Challenge at Camp Bullis on Jan. 18 and 19, 2013. The Raider Challenge is a competition to assess leadership, teamwork, physical strength and endurance requiring cadets to complete a series of grueling and timed events.

MacArthur comes out on top

The MacArthur High School Brahma Battalion competed and the male Raider team earned 1st Place overall and awarded the coveted Army Service Champion award. The female Raider team took 2nd place overall.

The team results were:

Team Confidence Course: The course consists of 11 approved and authorized regulation obstacles used for testing basic motor skills and physical conditioning.

Male Raider Team- 1st place (7 min 18 sec)
Female Raider Team-2nd place (27 min 38 sec)

Rope Bridge: Using a rope and harnesses, the team is required to build a rope bridge attached to two poles across a simulated river and get each team member safely across.

Male Raider Team- 2nd place (3 min 11 sec)
Female Raider Team-2nd place (8 min 22 sec)

3.2 Miles Cross Country Run: The run is over rough and uneven terrain including unimproved road, paved roads and over grass/vegetation covered fields.

Male Raider Team- 1st place (23 min 28 sec)
Female Raider Team-2nd place (38 min 11 sec)

Raider Gauntlet: Team runs approximately 3 miles carrying 4 rucksacks weighing 35 pounds each over a designated rough terrain course, using a map, compass, through the woods, up and down hills.

Male Raider Team- 5th place (23 min 03 sec)
Female Raider Team-2nd place (33 min 32 sec)

Cross Country Rescue: The event is a cross country run through obstacles with the raiders carrying four military style back packs each weighing 35 pounds and one litter/stretcher maintaining an attached 95 pound mannequin.

Male Raider Team- 2nd place (4 min 52 sec)
Female Raider Team-3rd place (14 min 36 sec)




Churchill JROTC rises to the challenge

Churchill High School also competed at the Raider Challenge which included 20 schools, spanning three states.

The Masters Male team led by Dalton McCord, and consisting of Ayoub Abbar, Gregory McConnell, Zach McDonald, Nick Dunaway, Brice Falgiani, Ben Wright, Dakota Rodgers, Jonathan Elward, and Hayden Andre placed 1st in the cross country rescue, 2nd in the obstacle course, and 3rd overall for the competition.

The Explorers Female team led by Danielle Hawryluk and consisting of Chastyn Hinson, Liberty Semlinger, Abigail Adams, Frankie McCray, Alison Lu, Yliana Ibarra, and Abigail Anzek placed 1st in the obstacle course, 1st in the Rope Bridge, and took 1st overall. The Explorers Male team led by Jacob Trevino also gave it their best. Great job guys.



Lee JROTC scores well at Raider Challenge

Lee High School's JROTC Masters and Explorer Raider Teams did well at NEISD’s recent regional Raider Challenge Competition.

Lee’s advance team finished 1st in Rope Bridge competition with a blazing time of 2 minutes and 57 seconds. The eight-man team had to build a rope bridge from scratch with an 80 foot span across a dry creek bad, then get all eight members across and de-construct the bridge. There was no room for error with a 2:57 time. Other events consisted of a Litter Carry, Cross Country Run, Gauntlet, and Obstacle Course.

Both teams finish 4th overall in their respective divisions. Team members trained hard for the competition and are already looking forward to competing next year.





Posted on Jan. 31, 2013