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383 PALs retreat to learning, team building and bonding

On August 6, 383 junior and senior Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) students and 21 PAL sponsors will board school buses at 7 a.m. and head to Mo Ranch for two and one-half days of learning, team building and bonding at the annual PAL Training Retreat. The retreat is part of the required PAL curriculum that readies PAL students for the roles and responsibilities of being a PAL.

Back on their home campuses when school starts, PALs continue the learning process. PALs learn helping skills, organizational skills, communication skills, group dynamics, mediation, and content in areas of interest and need including bullying, cyber bullying, dating violence, and mediation that equip them to be effective peer helpers at their own school and at feeder elementary and middle schools.

Each North East high school has one or more PAL classes, and each middle school has one PAL class. The PAL/PALee relationship is key -– PALs mentor PALees -– the younger students they are paired with so PALees want to come to school and do well. The benefit to the PALs is great also. PALs consistently report learning many deep life lessons from their PALees. PALs provide thousands of hours of school and community service annually as well.

The North East PAL program is rated the number one PAL program in the state. This is due in large part to dedicated administrators and PAL teachers who excel at developing leadership skills in young people and inspiring them to make a positive difference in their school and community.  Last year NEISD PAL students contributed 59,157 hours of school and community service. These donated hours are equal to 23 full time employees with a monetary value of $1,289,031. And the value in the lives of PAL and PALees: Priceless.

383 PALs retreat to learning, team building and bonding

Posted on August 2, 2012