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Students take part in mock election, Results are in

All NEISD students were invited to take part in a mock election to cast their vote for the president. And the results are in:

Oak Grove Kindergartners voteBarack Obama / Joe Biden
(Democratic Party)
18,140 votes -- Winner

Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan
(Republican Party)
10,550 votes

Gary Johnson / Jim Gray
(Libertarian Party)
784 votes

Jill Stein / Cheri Honkala
(Green Party)
1,538 votes

Oak Grove Kindergartners vote

Oak Grove Kindergartners vote

Oak Grove Kindergartners vote

Total Votes Recorded: 31,012

The 2012 fall election season will be filled with opportunities to make democracy come alive for young people. Voting took place November 5 and 6.

While observing a group of Oak Grove Elementary School kindergarten students, the following comments were heard:

"I'm voting for her because she looks like my grandma!"

Student 1: "I'm voting for this guy!"
Student 2: "What's his name?"
Student 1 : "I forgot. But I like him. That's the one I want."

"I'm glad they have pictures."

Staff: "Why are you voting today?"
Student: "Because I can."

Working with materials provided through the Office of Secretary of State for the State of Texas, the student mock election helps young people discover the importance of elections and the power their votes have in our democracy. It will give students firsthand experience with the electoral process. While not studying the candidates specifically, students will learn about the process of democratic elections and students can practice the civic responsibility of voting.

With the support of teachers across the district, every student will have a chance to discover that democracy is a vital and dynamic process. Together, we can inspire a new generation of active, informed young voters who eagerly await each opportunity to exercise their precious constitutional right.

Oak Grove Kindergartners vote

Posted on October 30, 2012, Updated November 7, 2012