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neisd approves new compensation package

The North East ISD Board of Trustees has accepted the superintendent’s recommendation and voted to approve pay raises for NEISD employees next school year. At a board meeting on Monday, June 16, trustees approved the following compensation decisions:

  • Increase the starting salary for beginning teachers and librarians, with zero to two years of experience, to $49,288.
  • Give an across the board $1,604 annual general pay increase for eligible teachers and librarians
  • Give a three percent general pay increase for eligible professional/administrative employees
  • Give a four percent general pay increase for eligible classified employees
  • Discontinue the one-time retention incentive offered in 2013-2014

Pay raises are calculated off of the midpoint of each employee’s pay grade. Increases to those midpoints were also approved including adjusting the professional/administrative pay scale by 1.5 percent, and the classified pay scale by two percent. The 2014-2015 pay raises will be calculated off the new midpoints.

The district will spend more than $9 million to provide these raises to employees.

“There is no doubt that our employees deserve this pay increase,” said Brian G. Gottardy, Ed.D., superintendent of schools. “We must continue to recruit and retain the most highly qualified staff in order to sustain the district’s tradition of excellence. Our employees are the reason our students are so successful.”

In the 2013-2014 school year, eligible NEISD employees received a one-time supplemental retention incentive in their June paychecks. The retention incentive will not be offered in 2014-2015 so that the pay increases can be given.

The district’s budget adoption will be voted on June 23, along with the budgets for the School Nutrition Services and the Debt Service funds. Employee benefits packages will not be finalized and voted on until October, as those plans begin Jan. 1, 2015.

Currently, we know that insurance companies are forcing us to raise premiums, but the district is kicking in more money for its share in order to keep the raise in employee contributions to a minimum. Look for those details at the beginning of the school year.

Posted on June 17, 2014