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NEISD is home to battle of flowers cover art winner

Eleven high school art students were recognized Sunday at the Battle of Flowers Program Cover Contest Art Show. Out of 410 entries 30 artworks were selected for the exhibit by Elizabeth Ward, art contest judge from Trinity University Art Department. Eleven of the selections were created by NEISD art students.

Ashleigh Askew from Roosevelt High School (Sue Ferris, teacher) won First Place and will be on the cover of thousands of Battle of the Flowers Band Programs. She will be presented with a cash prize of $200.00 at the 75th Anniversary Band Festival on Thursday, April 25, at Comalander Stadium. She will also ride in a convertible in the parade.

We would also like to recognize the following NEISD students:


Paul Chung, Reagan High School, Ms. Gonzales teacher -$150.00


Alyssa Curry, MacArthur, Mr. Ricketts teacher - $150.00

Andy Wilson, Churchill, Ms. Seay teacher - $150.00


Emily Barbary, MacArthur, Ms. Barajas

Sierra Campbell, Madison, Ms. Freeman

Lauren Liedtka, MacArthur, Mr. Ricketts

Jessica Mann, Reagan, Ms. Gonzales

Samantha Simpson, MacArthur, Mr. Ricketts

Keely Wang, Reagan, Ms. Gonzales

Hannah Webster, MacArthur, Mr. Ricketts

Ashleigh's winning art work.
Ashleigh Askew won first place with this art piece highlighting the best of San Antonio.

Posted on Mar. 28, 2013